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Issue #1936      12th October, 2020

A working class milestone to celebrate

The Australian working class celebrates a milestone in October this year in the struggle for political power. The 100th anniversary of the formation of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA).

The Party was founded at a conference on 30th October 1920 at the Sydney Trades Hall.

Working people responded to the appalling conditions of their class and took inspiration from the Great October Socialist Revolution. The accumulation of the class struggle experience from the gold rush in 1848 to the Eureka Stockade and the struggle for the 8-hour day to the great strike of 1917 and beyond also contributed . The founding of the Communist Party was a decisive revolutionary act of the Australian working class.

From 1920 to today generations of communists have campaigned for workers’ rights, peace, Aboriginal land rights, migrant and women’s rights, social justice and much more. They have faced violence, jail, discrimination and lies and slander, but through it all, they have maintained a fierce flame of a commitment to fighting for their class and to building a socialist future.

Today we look back on a long, impressive history of courage, commitment, determination and staunch struggle from 1920 to 2020. We are even more satisfied that a new generation of communists is emerging that will take the Party into the future in the struggle for socialism. All together let’s build the Party for today.

Our comrades have organised a number of activities to celebrate this important milestone.

A limited-edition Centenary Pin will be available for members as well as pens, bags and other memorabilia. The Centenary Committee has organised activities in the different centres across the country with exhibitions, symposiums and other events.

We will be holding an online forum via zoom on Friday 30th October 2020 from 7 pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Day Light Saving Time). While speakers will look back with pride, the main focus will be on our future tasks, especially working class struggles and the campaign to save the environment and humanity by building a socialist society.

The Central Committee would be grateful if all Party members, Guardian readers and friends of the Party join us in this celebration, everyone is welcome!

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