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Issue #1923      July 13, 2020

The future belongs to the Communist Movement

Statement by CPA Central Committee Secretariat

Over the past three weeks or so, sixty-two members of the Communist Party in Victoria have resigned. These resignations were a planned move in the campaign of disruption and factionalism by a group led by E F Hill.

The Domain Sydney.

Unable to force their incorrect and dangerous policies on the membership and leading committees of the Party, and finding themselves in an isolated minority, this group has taken the path of desertion from the cause of socialism.

They have spread their resignations over a period and some of the leading figures of the group have gone to the capitalist press with attacks upon the Party. This is a calculated attempt to cause confusion and create the false impression that the Party was experiencing a major split.

The effort has failed completely. The Party is more united than ever, and the group’s “plan” has rebounded. The true character of their policy and aims has been exposed by this transparent subterfuge of “mass resignations,” and not only to the membership of the Party but to the working class as a whole. The working class movement recognises the principles of acceptance of majority decisions and solidarity and has nothing but contempt for those who run to the capitalist press with their opposition to working class organisations.

The Communist Party of Australia, as stated in the Constitution, “is a voluntary union of like minded people,” whose aim is to achieve socialism in Australia.

No-one can be forced to join the Party, nor can anybody be prevented from leaving it.

The Constitution provides for ending of membership through expulsion, or lapsing through non-payment of dues.

Resignations are not provided for in the Constitution. On the occasions when resignations have been received in the past, they have been regretted as being evidence, in most cases, of inability to measure up to the hardships of the struggle for socialism, but have otherwise been accepted as representing the personal decision of the individual member concerned, and respected as such.

These planned “resignations” are of an entirely different character. They are the planned desertion by the Hill group from the Marxist-Leninist party of the Australian working class. The press statements and other propaganda of this group show their true character.

They falsely attack the Party for “abandoning working class principles” and “failing to give correct leadership to the current struggles of the workers.” These false assertions lack any examples or concrete analysis; and the group does not advance any alternative proposals as to different policies which the working class should pursue.

These accusations are completely rejected by the Party membership, the majority of whom are workers in industry and trade unionism.

They will also be rejected by tens of thousands of workers who know that Communists in their workplaces and unions always advocate united action and militant struggle. Workers everywhere, whatever their political views, know that the Communist Party continues its policies of building working class unity for defeat of the Menzies Government, united action by the trade union movement for economic demands and trade union rights, action in defence of peace and support for national independence.

They know that the Communist Party is in the forefront of the struggle against monopoly capitalism and for a Socialist Australia. The group repeats the threadbare fiction peddled by the ruling class ever since the formation of the Party forty-three years ago, that the political line of the Communist Party is “determined in Moscow.”

They repeat this slander in the full knowledge that the Party has decided its policy on this, as on every other occasion, by a Marxist-Leninist analysis of the Australian situation in accordance with our Party Program, and in the light of the principles to which we subscribed in endorsing the statement of the eighty-one Parties of 1960.

It is well known that it was the dissident group which wanted our policy determined otherwise, and that they have carried on their disruptive activities because they could not force their minority views on the overwhelming majority.

Those resigning loudly proclaim their adherence to Marxism-Leninism. But it is the first and most elementary principle of Marxism-Leninism, known to all with even a nodding acquaintance with working class theory, that a Communist Party is an absolute essential for the achievement of Socialism.


Lenin said: “Repudiation of Party and Party discipline – this is what the opposition amounts to. And this is tantamount to completely disarming the proletariat for the benefit of the bourgeoisie. It is the equivalent to precisely that petty-bourgeois diffuseness, instability, incapacity for sustained effort, unity and organised action, which, if indulged in, must inevitably destroy every proletarian revolutionary movement.”

These remarks apply fully to the present opposition.

While in the Party they engaged in factionalism, which means in fact setting up another “Party” within the Party.

The leaders of the opposition group and various of their supporters have refused to abide by majority decisions, walked out of properly constituted Party meetings, defied directions from the appropriate committees to attend discussions, held meetings of their own, made their own decisions and established their own discipline, and set up their own apparatus to print and circulate their material.

Whether they continue in an underground or more open way such activities, which represent a complete break with Marxism-Leninism, the inevitable logic of their development could only be to fight the Party more and more bitterly.

The capitalist class and right-wing forces, would clearly welcome this, and render support in all sorts of ways, whatever the present subjective intentions of those who have “resigned” may be.

This misguided group of former Communists should think again before it is too late, otherwise they can only degenerate still further politically.

Finally they would share the sorry fate of those who over the years have broken themselves in fruitless efforts to disrupt and destroy the Communist Party and the great Communist movement, to which the future belongs and which continues to go from strength to strength.

This statement originally appeared in Tribune July, 1963.

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