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Issue #1923      July 13, 2020


At midday, Saturday at the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth, over 1000 people gathered in mild sunny conditions to protest against systemic and institutionalised racism. This racism is often built into the way a capitalist society is structured and organised – from the way people are housed and accommodated to employment practices, criminal justice and social welfare. The rally and march were organised by a collective of young Aboriginal and African activists, under the name of Boorloo Justice.

Speaker Herbert Bropho.

There were several Aboriginal speakers and speakers also from Africa and of African-American descent, all calling for social and political change – to create a more inclusive society with the message: “When all Black Lives Matter, all lives matter.” This was the third Black Lives Matter rally held in Perth – the first one focusing on the brutal death of African American man George Floyd and the latter two focusing more on the over-representation of Aboriginal people in prisons and detention, and eliminating racism.

There were many police present on the fringes of the rally to maintain order and peace but there were no incidents. When the time came to march through the Central Business District of Perth, people brought their many Aboriginal Land Rights flags and other thought provoking and evocative placards – chanting as they went, “Black Lives Matter,” “No Peace without Justice,” “(White) Silence is Violence,” and “End Systemic Racism Now.” The rally also stopped twice along the route to take a knee and observe a moment of silence for all the victims of Black Deaths in Custody in Western Australia. Protesters remained physically well distanced at the rally and some even wore masks out of respect for others. Masks were worn in rallies around the world where the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause disruption to people’s lives.

The Communist Party of Australia joins in the call for an end to institutionalised and systemic racism in Australia and for social, political and economic change necessary to bring justice and equality to all Australians.

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