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Issue #1923      July 13, 2020

On the assault on CFMEU Officials

Statement by CPA Melbourne Branch

The Melbourne Branch of the Communist Party of Australia strongly condemns the brutal assault on the two young CFMEU officials last week on 30th June at a building site in Hawthorne East.

These two officials never made it on site before they were attacked by seven thugs. One of the officials was knocked unconscious with a lump of timber and the was kicked while he was down. The second official was injured while trying to protect his comrade on the ground. The two officials were attending the site after a number of complaints about safety on and around the site particularly from members of the community.

The developer on the site is notorious for unsafe and illegal practices. The company had previously been fined $2 million for the illegal demolition of the Corkman pub in Carlton in 2016 and then dumping asbestos from this site in a residential area in Caroline Springs. It is no surprise that the assault took place on one of their sites.

Where is Australian Building and Construction Commission when it comes to workplace safety? The police that arrived were there to protect to the building site not to arrest the cowards who attacked the officials, who were onsite and were filmed during the attack. The ABCC claim to be “responsible for ensuring that building work in Australia is carried out fairly, efficiently and productively”, and yet they only act when it is time to restrict the so-called “violence” of the “thugs” of the CFMEU!

Nobody deserves to be assaulted at work. Every worker deserves to come home safe at the end of the day. These two officials were simply doing their job to make sure a construction site was safe for workers and for residents nearby.

Congratulations to CFMEU for supporting their members during this time and for standing up against injustices. We express solidarity with the two officials who were attacked, their families, and all the members of CFMEU.

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