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Issue #1693      July 15, 2015

“Injustice is why we are Marxists”

On May 27, 2015 Maria Hilario*, interviewed Francisco Molina Martinez from IU (United Left); Maria has previously interviewed him for the Guardian (#1584, March 6, 2013).

Francisco Molina Martinez.

M: What has changed in Spain since the last interview?

FMM; Many things have happened since the last interview in early 2013. In Spain the social situation is still very bad since then; but the political situation has changed, everyone was talking that something has to happen (big demonstrations from all over Spain converging in Madrid demanding, a roof over their heads, bread and work) and a new political party “Podemos” appeared; with this comes out a strong surge and interest in political participation and in the affairs that affects the people.

We have been working hard all these years in Zamora, and now we are going to win the Mayorship of Zamora City Council.

M: I saw the results on the night of the election on May 24 and the support for IU was near 30 percent. How did the party managed to get this support?

FMM: Yes, in the City of Zamora we have got an incredible high amount of votes and we are not many in the IU party; what happened was we had been working hard and well during many years since 1985; the work has been going deeper and deeper. It is giving us the fruit, like trees and now they are high, though the growth was slow. The structure of the group, because we are not many, we are like the Mexican Pancho Villa’s forces, very free, we meet every week, it’s open to everyone – like you experienced yesterday in the meeting.

Yesterday, there were lots of people at the meeting; before there weren’t so many. Everyone can express their opinion or tell us about their ideas and if there was a need to have vote we would have put it to the people there; so this openness makes the people feel part of the party and they trust the party because it is not secretive or hermetic. Every day it is with the people and their problems.

We dedicate many, many hours to our work, we are on the streets with any group of people who have problems, “los desahucios” – people losing their houses to the banks – factories that close down, the ecological and environmental issues … any problem.

We do listen to anyone with a problem as long as it is a result of policies. I can give you an example, someone comes with problems that the tribunal could only resolve but because no one support this person, IU gives a voice to his complaint or protest so it may reach the media and the person will be listened to and it may not have to go to court at the end.

We have three ways of providing help. One, on the street, another helping people navigate through the institutions and the last is to listen to everyone and for this reason people respect us and think of us highly; they value us and they like us and it is not only that they are saying that we are good at administering things, they appreciate us and have affection for us.

What happened with the corruption? In Spain there are more than 1,000 politicians and public employees waiting to go to court because of corruption and they still keep their jobs and the public salaries.

We are in an economic crisis and the politicians in the government, the PP (Popular Party) with the help of the PSOE (Socialist Party of Spain), decided to change one article in the constitution, it said something like this: if there is only one Euro left in the Spanish Bank it has to go to pay the debt, and you can not use that Euro for the people.

In these situations, with so many people really struggling, when they saw the decision of the government that decided to sacrifice the people and they could see the rich getting richer and doing more investments to get richer and that they don’t care for suffering of the people.

We have discovered that one of the first areas when corruption started was here, in Zamora; during the ‘80s and ‘90s the ex-president Jose Ma Aznar was implicated and it was here in this Provincial Government House, the ex president used to give the construction projects to his friends in exchange for big sums of money. One of his wealthy builder friends confessed that during the ‘80s and the beginning of the ‘90s at least three wealthy business men from Zamora, each of them paid a cheque of one million to Jose Ma Aznar and at that time he was the president of the Junta in Castilla-Leon.

This whistle blower, an ex-crony of Aznar, a wealthy builder, when he went public the answer that Aznar gave him was, “You will get in return much more than you gave me”.

In reality the number of corrupt politicians are many more than 1,000 because many won’t come out; it is the whole structure and in some cases it also implicates people from the PSOE.

When people are worse off and they discover that the government is corrupt – in the case of the PP they were all corrupt – their treasurer told us they have a parallel system for their finances to record the bribe money; this includes money for the present Primer Minister. Everything continues the same because they never resign. This is the outrage that makes people indignant. This is why they began to protest; in Zamora like in other parts of Spain these indignant people were attracted to various political parties like IU.

This is why the situation has changed in Spain, the crisis got worse and the corruption skyrocketed and the people have had enough. People are very nice because they have been putting up with this for long but it came to a point when they said “you are sacrificing me, my children and I have to migrate to find work. There are no more scholarships and affordable education, my husband is without work and if I find some work they’ll pay me half of what I used to get and on top of all this you are thieving.”

M: There are people who compare Spain today with the Spain of 1931. Do you think that it is possible that history might repeat itself because the past has not been resolved?

FMM: Yes, the past has not being resolved and social injustice is the reason why we are Marxists. Because we are Marxists we don’t accept that there has to be a wealthy ruling class exploiting the rest. What happened during the Spanish Republic in 1931, there was a democratically elected government and the coup d’etat got rid of democracy. Now there is a democracy, not perfect because the law is truncated so the powerful will have more advantages. I think what is in common with then is that everyone is united to resolve the problems … “agrupemonos todos en la lucha final”… the Internationale unites the human race.

M: When was the last time that Zamora had an IU Mayor?

FMM: Never, in Zamora, never and in the other capitals of provinces only in Cordoba with Julio Anguita; this is the second capital in Spain that will have a Mayor from IU.

The program that we have is to reclaim the public services by the City Council; it is important that the City Council takes back control of the services because what serves the people has to belong to the people. The same for the health system and education and the justice system; you save money this way; even if you did not save money it must be in public hands.

The Justice System in Spain has been badly treated on purpose; so the trials will last eight or ten years, by this time the corrupt come out well because by the time the trial begins they get rid of the evidence and the witness will disappear. This is one of the cunning ways of the powerful, that the justice system keeps functioning badly.

In particular, there are very few judges and the resources are even less; district attorneys and prosecutors, administrative justice personnel, they are all in high demand. If you enter a court, you probably don’t believe it as it lacks any computer system and you can see piles and bundles of papers.

At the municipal level, it is important that water, the collection of rubbish and all of the other services are run by the Municipality or the City Council.

In Spain 10% are wealthy people and for that minority to be able to control the majority 90% they have to rely on lies and a false culture. It is one of the reasons they say, we will keep services that are profitable and that if a private company runs the service it is cheaper. This is another lie, but people are generally good and they believe what the see on TV. There is a saying here: “we don’t learn about bad times from other peoples experiences but when it is happening to us, we do learn.”

People learnt very fast. Here you see the results in Zamora, a very conservative city this is no longer the case. People were telling us they need someone who can look after our interest and could manage the administration with honesty because the others with their corruption and mismanagement have affected us badly. The corruption has accelerated these results in Zamora’s City Council and in Regional elections where the PP no longer has majority.

Note: Maria attended the first IU meeting after a convincing victory. On election night IU got eight members and with the support of some PSOE members they will have the first ever left wing leader in Zamora. Fancisco Guarido will become Mayor on June 13, 2015.

*Maria is a CPA member

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