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Issue #1681      April 22, 2015

The lives of political asylum seekers in Australia are in danger

Iranian political asylum seekers are victims of economical and political deals. A horrifying felony is in front of us, disguised amid the vociferous propaganda around P5+1 nuclear deal. Following this deal, Julie Bishop, the Australian Foreign Minister, has had a bilateral visit to Iran and soon Iranian intelligence and security authorities are going to be granted direct access to all information about Iranian refugees in Australia.

Should these refugees be deported to Iran, it would be, no doubt, a perilous journey for them. Hundreds of Iranian refugees have passed through the horrendous and squally ocean, just to be trapped in the whirlwind that Australian government has created in Nauru and Manus islands. One of the discussions between the Australian foreign minister and Iranian authorities is anticipated to be about deportation of refugees back to Iran. This point has been acknowledged by authorities and it is also reflected by the international press and media.

Such negotiations, seeking to violate refugee rights and to waive their political protection, could only go on between two states when both are violating human rights. Negotiations of this nature, among two states, the one exporting refugees and the other, ostensibly, accepting refugees, antecedents to the age of slavery and exchange of prisoners of war.

Preparation of this joint operation by Australia and the Islamic Republic is an open and grisly felony, lost amid the tumult of the nuclear deal. We believe the only force that could possibly stop the progress and occurrence of this mischief, is a vast international protest and pressure from public opinion and human and refugee rights organisations.

Human rights organisations throughout the world noticed the murder of Reza Barati, a 23 years old Iranian asylum seeker. Detention centre operatives had assaulted him with mace and had cracked his head with a stone; these strikes brought him to an agonising death. There are also reports that, according to their lawyers, 45 Iranian asylum seekers, whose refugee applications have been denied, while refusing to go back, all are under permanent detention inside refugee camps.

So is the status of Saeed Hassanlou, who left Iran five years ago; his refugee application has so far been denied a number of times. Following a period of hunger strike, he is hospitalised in Perth and is said to be in a critical condition.

Thus, we political, social, cultural and media activists, whilst condemning these acts, demand instant cessation of these political deals against refugee rights and to treat refugees humanely and to respect their dignity in Australia.

An appeal by Gozareshgaran website: For workers’ and political rights:

CC to: Australian Foreign Ministry in different countries; Human rights organisations; UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Amnesty International; Refugee rights organisations; International democratic media; Revolutionary, progressive, and Democratic Parties and Organisations.

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