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Issue #1622      December 11, 2013

Defend the national broadcaster

The Liberal Party is going after our national treasure, the ABC, simply for doing its job. Abbott’s colleagues didn’t like a story the ABC aired, so they’re taking the opportunity to wage an all-out attack on the national broadcaster – calling for its funding to be cut, and to force it to accept ads. It’s a national broadcaster’s job to air difficult stories, but Abbott’s cronies don’t like it, and are threatening the ABC’s funding to shut it up.

This isn’t right. Democratic governments around the world have arms-length relationships with their national broadcaster for a reason – the ability to investigate government wrongdoings is a vital part of a functioning democracy. For a national broadcaster to fill its mandate of independence, it cannot have politicians threatening to cut its funding every single time it reveals the truth. Let’s speak out now to stand against the Liberals threats to cut the ABC’s funding.

Tell the Liberal Party now: let our ABC operate with independence. Stop your threats to cut the ABC’s funding.

The Liberal Party is not even hiding its agenda to weaken the ABC to enrich its right-wing corporate media friends. They’re testing the waters to see what they can get away with – and that’s why we need to speak up for the ABC now. If we don’t, this might just be the first in a series of attacks on our ABC.

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi was one of the most upfront with his threats this week, saying that our national broadcaster needs to have its funding cut and power limited to stop it hurting Fairfax Media and News Corp’s bottom line. Worst, many of his Liberal party colleagues agree.

The SumOfUs.org community has stood up for independent national broadcasters before. In our biggest Canadian campaign ever, 75,000 SumOfUs.org supporters signed petitions and thousands more crowdfunded radio ads to protect the Canadian state broadcaster, CBC, from threats by the Canadian government. We need to act here in Australia – the Liberal Party’s threats against the ABC can’t be ignored.

Let’s speak out now for independent, high-quality media free from political influence.

Sign the petition at SumOfUs.org

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