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Issue #1621      December 4, 2013

AEU calls for public inquiry into impact of TAFE cuts

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has called on the Victorian Napthine government to conduct a public inquiry into the full impact of the cuts to TAFE, following the announcement of 47 job losses and the closure of the childcare centre at Bendigo TAFE.

“The Napthine government does not value the role of TAFE in providing access to quality education and training,” said AEU Victorian branch president Meredith Peace. “In fact, they have cut over $300 million per year over four years to the Victorian TAFE system.”

The AEU has accused Premier Napthine of watching on as TAFEs across the state are closing campuses, increasing fees, cutting courses and sacking teachers and support staff.

“TAFE plays a critical role in the Bendigo community and has provided thousands of local people with high-quality education and training that has led to employment and further study that has transformed their lives,” said Peace.

“This announcement is devastating for the community and will deny career opportunities for many thousands of people. The Napthine government’s approach does not consider the long-term impacts on the Victorian economy.”

Peace said the public expects the state government to invest in public education.

“They must reinvest in TAFE and the first step is to conduct a public inquiry into the TAFE system to review the impacts of the cuts and to inform the development of a comprehensive vision for education and skills training in Victoria.

“Victorians deserve the opportunity to tell Premier Napthine what they think of his attacks and undermining of their public TAFEs.”

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