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Issue #1615      October 23, 2013

Greetings to CPA 12th National Congress

Extracts from a selection of greetings to the CPA Congress were published in last week’s Guardian. This week we publish further extracts. The full text of these and other greetings can be found here.

Bob Briton, Vinnie Molina and Tracey Smallwood. (Photo: Anna Pha)

Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN)

The FMLN which is the party of the Popular Majorities in El Salvador, sends a very cordial, warm and revolutionary greeting to the members of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) on its 12th Congress.

El Salvador is going through a very important stage with the government led by President Mauricio Funes and a coalition of forces which the FMLN is part of. This coalition has put the resource of the state to benefit the popular sectors with a special historic investment in education, health and support to the families of small farmers and small businesses,

This within the context of an independent and sovereign political exterior which seeks to re-establish the accomplishment and the permanent struggle objectives which are democracy and justice for the whole of society, particularly for those who have been traditionally excluded and marginalised.

Within that context we have achieved important achievements in education, health, economic growth and human development, which is reflected in the the economic recovery that was a negative three percent when power was taken in 2009.

We know that the CPA and the Australian working class are facing great challenges with the conservative right in power again, and, for this reason, social forces and political knowledge are required to keep defending all the rights, lives and well-being of the working class.

We wish with all our heart that the popular struggle strengthens so that the CPA takes on and carries out its revolutionary role, promoting the impulse to transform Australia into a country that supports democratisation within and outside its borders, contributing to the construction of a just, democratic world of solidarity that opens its way to a better future for humanity.

Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)

The Congress of your Party is convened in the framework of difficult conditions for the working class and the peoples of the world. Humanity is witnessing during the last years a global economic crisis that constitutes the clearest indication of the failure of the capitalist system and the neo-liberal policies that have intensified this crisis. International imperialism and the neo-liberal strategies of the ruling classes in the most developed capitalist countries conduct a great attack against the rights of the working people.

In view of these great challenges, the struggle of the Communist and Workers’ Parties around the world must be united and intensified against capitalism and imperialism.

Cyprus is also a country that has been a victim of imperialism throughout the years. The solidarity and support expressed by the international Communist Movement to the struggle of AKEL and Cyprus for the reunification and ending the 39 years old occupation of the island are always important to us.

Although Cyprus and Australia are situated very far apart, we believe that the enhancement of the bilateral relations between our two Parties will benefit both of us. We declare our willingness to work towards this direction in the framework of our common goals and ideology.

Tudeh Party of Iran

Imperialism has tried to ensure that all developments in the Middle East take place within the context of preserving its hegemony over the huge resources and markets of this strategically important region. The policies and tactics of the US and its allies take different forms but their objectives are the same. The naked aggression of imperialist forces and their reactionary allies in the Middle East was demonstrated in Bahrain, Libya, and the tragic events in Syria.

In relation to Iran they have tried to coerce the theocratic regime to behave in a manner compatible with the US strategic interests. The devastating economic sanctions have already destabilised the economy and resulted in mass unemployment and poverty. The US and the EU are now pressing the regime to accept to operate within the context of their plan for a “New Middle East”.

People in Iran are demanding and campaigning for peace, democracy, human rights and social justice. They exploit every crack and space within the ranks and structures of the regime to advance their demands for peace and progress. However, the regime has proven itself incapable of accommodating any serious, fundamental or sustainable social, economic or political reform. In fact the regime is busy trying to portray itself as an effective force to guarantee security and stability for imperialism interest in the Middle East and West Asia.

We are convinced that despite present difficult conditions, the progressive forces internationally will succeed to defeat the forces of war and exploitation and carry forward the flag of the struggle for world peace and social progress. We believe, as millions of people around the world cry, that “another world is possible” – a world of peace and socialism.

Latin America Social Forum (Sydney)

We wish you all the best in your deliberations, debates and final resolutions, convinced that they will be successful and carried out with the democratic participation of comrades committed to the revolutionary struggle of the working class, the motor force of socialist-communist change in Australia and the world.

We believe that the unity and organisation of the working class, students, academics, farmers, and Aboriginal peoples is essential to putting an end to the capitalist system, responsible for the deaths of millions of humans and of the environment.

The communist and working class movement will never be halted on its path to power.

CP Peoples of Spain (PCPE)

The privatisation of the public services and economic sectors which, such as telecommunications, were once state monopolies, the anti-labour, anti-people and anti-trade union measures promoted by the government, led to an erosion of social-democracy. Under the pretext of the crisis and the drop of prices in the international market for Australian mining and energy exports, the Conservative government that will probably follow the Labour government in the management of the crisis in the interests of the monopolies, will undoubtedly unleash new and tough blows against the living and working conditions of the working class of Australia.

The strengthening of the fraternal CPA is necessary to expose to the Australian working people the falsity of any of the capitalist proposals to manage the crisis and organise the working class for the only way out of the structural crisis of capitalism: the seizure of power by the working class and the construction of Socialism-Communism.

The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain salutes the 12th Congress of the Australian Communists with the knowledge that it will help the strengthening of the Party of the working class for leading the workers in their struggle for an Australia without capitalism, without exploitation of man by man, for a socialist Australia.

CP of Chile (PCC)

The Communist Party of Australia represents a strong part of the international fight to advance to society with a view to achieving socialism and to defend the planet from the depredations of capitalism. Similarly, the trajectory of your party has been, throughout its history, an important mainstay in the defence of peace, which is constantly under attack by imperialism.

In Latin America, several countries have achieved progress in their struggle for national independence and development for the benefit of their peoples. Some, like Cuba, are upholders of their people’s dignity despite the brutal and permanent aggression maintained for over half a century.

Others have started an independent process that has socialism as its aim, such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. These countries are seeking development in a manner that confronts the dominance of the empire. Across our continent there is a mobilisation of workers, in which we Chilean Communists participate, which rejects the exploitation of neo-liberalism.

Palestinian People’s Party (PPP)

The 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia is taking place in crucial moment where the global economic crisis, threats of wars especially in our region are putting challenges in front of the communist and workers’ parties and other progressive forces.

We are sure that your Congress will discuss these issues with high responsibility and take decisions which will strengthen the common struggle for better future.

We also hope that your Congress will give a special attention to the struggle of the Palestinian People for freedom and independent state within the 1967 boarders with east Jerusalem as its capital, and a fair solution to Palestinian refugees problem according to UN resolutions.

CP of Finland

Today Finland has an exceptionally broad-based government, which demolishes the Nordic welfare model, subjects Finland to the EU-fiscal compact and financial markets and which has abandoned military non-alignment. Finland also has a lot of discontent with the government of Katainen, but lacks a strong left-wing alternative. The European Union is in the deepest crisis of its history. Public spending cuts driven by the Euro elite only exacerbate the crisis. An unprecedented mass movement has risen up against this. The question of an alternative to the European Union is more topical than ever.

Comrades, it is not only a question of wrong politics, but the problems that arise from the contradictions of the capitalist system. This unites our Parties in the class-oriented every day struggle despite the geographical distance that separates us. Speculative money has replaced the real economy and the people’s needs. Resources are being wasted in wars and military build up, while they are needed to fight poverty, unemployment and environmental disasters. All of this raises the question of a different development and of an alternative to capitalism.

The Communist Party of Finland wishes to support your struggle in Australia. We consider your struggle to be ours, too. In a comradely manner, we wish you luck in strengthening your Party and building the radical left alternative to oppose the right-wing politics of, austerity and capitalism. We find ourselves standing firmly together in the international front of parties and organisations opposing war over Syria.

Greetings were also received from Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG), Iraqi Democratic Stream, Iraqi Communist Party, Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party), Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), Brazilian Communist Party (PCB), Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF), Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia (KSČM), Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB), Communist Party USA (CP USA), New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ), Communist Party in Denmark, People’s Progressive Party of Guyana (PPP), the New Communist Party of Britain, German Communist Party (DKP).

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