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Issue #1615      October 23, 2013

“Real men don’t abuse women”

Empowering females and stamping out violence against women has long-been part of the Maritime Union of Australia’s (MUA) fabric and deputy national secretary Mick Doleman has been at the fore in promoting these values in his role as White Ribbon Ambassador.

Mr Doleman demonstrated his ambassadorial abilities, in helping launch the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union’s (CFMEU) campaign – Real men don’t abuse womenas a speaker at the union’s Construction and General National Conference held in Cairns.

He said the White Ribbon Foundation was a great organisation that very clearly outlined the part men can play in ending domestic and other violence against women.

“As a national official in one of the most male-dominated unions in Australia it was a logical step for me to get involved in a White Ribbon Campaign,” he said.

“I am very honoured the CFMEU invited me to speak on the day they are launching a campaign very similar to the one the MUA launched a while ago.

“I’m sure it will be as successful and taken up by as many officials, delegates and rank and filers as we had in our union.”

Doleman said male-dominated unions, like the CFMEU and the MUA were well placed in educating men about the issues women face at home and in the workplace.

“We can often achieve better results than say employers because members usually respect their union above the company they’re working for,” he said.

Speaking at the conference CFMEU national construction secretary Dave Noonan said the union had been considering for some time how to play a role in addressing a major social and health problem in our community.

“There are far reaching effects of family violence on women, children and families in general,” Noonan said.

“Research shows that there is a link between violence and negative attitudes to women and relationships so we want our members to show leadership and stand up for what’s right.”

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