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Issue #1614      October 16, 2013

Greetings to 12th National Congress CPA

The CPA Congress reaffirmed its belief that internationalism is a vital part of the struggle against global capital. It has strong relations with other Communist and Workers’ parties around the world, and participates where possible in international actions and conferences. Congress received greetings from more than 30 parties and other international groups. These include a moving seven-minute audio visual message from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, People’s Army (FARC-EP) which can be seen on the CPA’s website. The following are excerpts from some of the greetings which were read to Congress:

Alexandra Nariño, member of the Peace Delegation of FARC-EP conveying greetings to the CPA Congress via video recording.

CP of Cuba

The Communist Party of Cuba conveys fraternal greetings to the leaders and members of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) on the occasion of its 12th Congress.

We are convinced that the CPA, with its willingness to overcome, will continue defending the noble and just causes of its people and all those in the world who are struggling for a better future.

We are grateful for the expressions of solidarity that you have always shown towards our Revolution and the support you give us in letting the people know about our Five Heroes unjustly incarcerated in US jails.

We wish you success in the holding of the Congress and in the future tasks that you set for yourself, while reiterating our commitment to further strengthen the links of friendship that bind our two Parties.

CP of Venezuela (CPV)

We send our wishes for the success of the proposed objective of strengthening the class union, fighting for the rights of Aboriginal peoples, women, youth and immigrants.

Thanks to the invitation made by the Communist Party of Australia, the CPV realised two major political tours to Australia, the first in 2006 and the second from 9 - 23 of August of 2012, with Comrade Carolus Wimmer, member of the Politburo of the Central Committee and Secretary of International Relations, and through it we could know the politics, the practices of fight and the alliances of the Communist Party of Australia CPA and we received valuable information from these experiences.

Our two parties are united by the fight against imperialism and capitalism and for Peace and Socialism.

The Communist Party of Australia always can count on the fraternal and militant solidarity of the CPV.

CP of Greece (KKE)

Our parties are connected through long-term and strong bonds of solidarity.

We particularly appreciate the class solidarity and decisive support the CPA has displayed for the struggles of Greek and other immigrant workers in your country from the first years of the last century up until and including the present day.

Our party is struggling inside difficult conditions as the crisis is deepening in the country and broad popular strata are being driven to despair. At the same time the processes for the reformation of the political system are accelerating. A basic component of the plans of the bourgeois class is the planned attack against the KKE, the limiting of its activity, the impeding of its relations and bonds with the working class and popular strata.

An attack, that is carried out using both the “vehicle” of the so-called “left government”, through which they are calling on us to save and humanise capitalism, and also the anti-communism of the EU and the bourgeois forces, the theory of the two extremes that is used by the ND-PASOK government. They also utilise the openly criminal activity of the fascist Golden Dawn, which targets the KKE and the labour-people’s movement.

The KKE refuses to support any of the various bourgeois management formulas for the perpetuation of capitalism. Our party supports the struggle of the worker, every working person, and fights for the regroupment of the labour movement and the promotion of the People’s Alliance that expresses the interests of the working class, the semi-proletarians, the urban and rural self-employed in order to win power from the monopolies and to socialise the concentrated means of production.

CP of China (CPC)

Last November, the Communist Party of China held its 18th National Congress and laid out the blueprint for China’s development over the next decade. We plan to double 2010 GDP and per capita income for both urban and rural residents by 2020. By 2021 when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of CPC, we should complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. By 2049 when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of PRC [People’s Republic of China], we should make China a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious.

The CPC has also called for realising the “Chinese Dream”. It implies delivering prosperity for the country, invigoration for the nation and happiness for the people. China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development and be committed to promoting open, win-win co-operation with other countries, benefiting the Chinese people as well as the people all over the world.

The CPA represents the interests of the working people in Australia and has been making unremitting efforts in protecting their rights. We cherish the friendship between our two parties and hope to keep in contact with your party. Let’s work together to contribute to the friendship between the Chinese and Australian people as well as to the peace, stability and development of the world.

Lebanese CP (LCP)

The imperialistic aggressions toward the peoples of the world, in particularly in our region, is becoming more aggressive to get over its structural crises in the international capitalistic system. That is taking place through launching more wars to dominate and control the wealth and looting it and, at the same time, to implement the “New Middle East” project which aims to divide our region into small ethnic, religious and sectarian states fighting with each other. At the same time it aims to end the Palestinian cause and the rights of Palestinian people to return, have an independent state and its capital Jerusalem.

In this situation the imperialistic interference in Syria is getting more and more specially with imperialist threat of a military strike against Syria without UN resolution … So we as the LCP confirms the three NOs that we have launched since the beginning of the crises in Syria. The three NOs are: no for military solution, no for sectarianism and no for foreign interference.

The development of the events in Syria, in the regional and international fight, will affect Lebanon with its sectarian political system, which creates all the factors of defragmentation and wars, and its sovereignty is raped every day by the enemy, Israel, which is still occupying part of the Lebanese lands.

This situation imposes on us, as Communist parties, reactivating our common struggle to face these imperialistic projects, and also all the foreign interference in the internal affairs of our countries and confirming that the central cause is the democratisation of our societies.

CP of Britain

Current threats to peace require effective responses from Communists everywhere. Imperialism’s war plans in the Middle East have been temporarily thwarted. But they remain active and will require the utmost vigilance. Over a longer time period the Pacific region will assume a central importance. Stronger ties with our Australian comrades are therefore vital.

Today Australian and British Communists are fighting common enemies. We both face neo-liberal policies administered by right-wing governments at the service of finance capital – and to some extent the same consortiums of banks and corporations. Trade union rights and civil liberties in both countries are under immediate threat. Only Communists can provide a clear understanding of Marxism, of Leninism and of the steps required to pose an alternative path that leads to socialism.

Dear Comrades, please accept our best wishes for the success of your Congress. Your progress in strengthening the work of the Communist Party of Australia is of key importance for Communists everywhere.

Portuguese CP (PCP)

War has always been a hallmark of imperialism, but the profound change in the world balance of forces at the end of the 20th century revealed all the brutality of which this system of exploitation and plunder is capable.

Today, the Middle East is an enormous theatre of war. The fact that the direct aggression against Syria did not materialise in the past few weeks bears witness to the opposition to war-mongering, even in the core countries of imperialism. But the dangers of an aggression against Syria and other countries have not disappeared and the struggle for peace remains a major duty of Communists and other progressive and anti-imperialist forces.

The policies of the European Union and the IMF, which are supported by the ruling classes in each country, have an unmistakable class nature: brutal cuts in rights, wages, pensions, social security, education and health-care for the peoples, but subsidies and handouts for big finance capital. It is a policy that seeks a way out from capitalism’s profound crisis by brutally heightening exploitation, and which is making the Portuguese people’s living standards go back many decades.

The Portuguese workers have responded with their struggle, with general and sectoral strikes and numerous demonstrations and other struggles, organised by its large class trade union central, CGTP-IN. Other strata of our people, who have been profoundly hit in their rights and interests, are joining the struggle in diversified ways. The PCP is actively committed to mobilising this resistance and the struggle of the workers and people.

Our Party’s 19th Congress, held at the end of 2012, revealed a party that is united, growing and geared towards action. The local government elections of September 29, 2013, have confirmed the growth of our Party – inserted into the Unitarian Democratic Coalition (CDU), electoral alliance between the PCP and the Party “The Greens” – also on an electoral level, with an important surge in our positions.

We do not underestimate the difficulties that lie ahead. But we are confident that with its unity and struggle, our people will be capable of changing the balance of forces and contributing for an alternative government and for a patriotic and left-wing policy, that opens the way for an Advanced Democracy that is, in turn, an integral and inseparable part of the struggle for socialism in Portugal.

In order to confront imperialism’s brutal offensive, it is indispensable to strengthen the struggle of the workers and the peoples of the world, seeking the broadest possible unity of all progressive and anti-imperialist forces. Communists have an irreplaceable role to play in the organisation of this struggle and in achieving this unity.

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