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Issue #1613      October 2, 2013

Solitary confinement for more than 125 days

Palestinian Dirar Abu Sisi remains in isolation in violation of occupation promises and media reports, said Tawfiq Abu Naim of Wa’ad Association for Prisoners. Despite the agreement for Abu Sisi to end his strike, he has not been moved from isolation and continues to suffer from serious health problems.

The occupation earlier agreed to end solitary confinement as part of the agreement to end the Karameh mass hunger strike in May 2012, but Abu Sisi remained in solitary confinement. Abu Sisi has been held in Israeli prisons since he was kidnapped from the Ukraine by Israeli intelligence while travelling on a train in 2011. Abu Sisi is an engineer from Gaza who ran the Gaza power plant.

In addition, another Palestinian prisoner Nahar Ahmed Abdullah al-Saadi, from Jenin, has now been held in solitary confinement for 125 days, reported the Mohja Jerusalem Foundation. al-Saadi, who has been imprisoned since September 2003, was transferred from isolation in Shata prison to Ramon prison in early September 2013. Saadi had previously been removed from Ramon prison in February 2013 and moved to the Jalameh interrogation centre for more than a month, where interrogators accused him of attempting to organise the capture of an Israeli soldier from inside prison.

However, he denied all of the allegations and was returned to Ramon prison before being transferred to Shata prison on May 21, 2013, where he was placed into the isolation section.

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