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Issue #1613      October 2, 2013

Statement of the Secretariat of the CC – Sudanese Communist Party

Let us continue demonstrating against price increase

Call for immediate release of all political detainees

The outbreak of mass demonstrations against the economic policies of the regime which started in Madni and spread to the rest of the country including the capital was a natural response to the policy of the dictatorial regime. In addition to the demonstrations by university and secondary school students, all the opposition forces and civil organisation have joined in expressing their rejection of the regime and its bankrupt policies. The price increases are beyond the ability of the overwhelming majority of the Sudanese people, already burdened by poverty and hyper inflation.

The ruling circle which represents the interest of the parasitic Islamic groups, is trying to solve the deepening crisis at the expense of the masses in order to be able to finance its war against the people in Darfur, Southern Kordufan and the Blue Nile, and the open-ended spending on the state and security apparatuses. The ruling authorities are trying to underplay the importance of the mass actions and call it the work of foreign elements and “Shamasa”. It is the same ploy the former dictatorial regime resorted to in its last days before it was overthrown by the mass uprising in April 1985.

To reach a successful conclusion to the present situation, and to rid our country of the rule of this junta, it is of utmost importance to raise the degree of organisation to broaden alliances on the base levels with other political forces. It is necessary to open the movement to make places available for all the forces that are ready to join the fight.

This include youth sections, students, women, workers, peasants, professionals and public figures, to act in harmony with the aim of organising the battle in a daring way, based on the readiness of the masses and their conviction, until the declaration of civil disobedience and the general political strike, which bring the overthrow of the regime.

Following that, new horizons will open for the establishment of a transitional national government that undertakes the tasks of the democratic transformation, end war, convene the constitutional conference, and hold a national economic conference to improve the living conditions of the people. All this will help to achieve the tasks of the democratic alternative and prepare the country for free and democratic elections after the end of the transitional period.

It is important to be vigilant against the schemes of the security forces and the enemies of the people who seek to distort and disrupt the image of our peoples struggle. The masses are called upon to defeat schemes to abort the Sudanese revolution by steeling its gains through military intervention or other plots. At the same time our mass movement needs the broadest possible international solidarity.

Intensify the struggle for the release of the political detainees.

Continue the joint struggle for the development of the battle until the overthrow of the dictatorial regime.

Secretariat of the CC of the SCP

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