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Issue #1613      October 2, 2013


The Party for the Future

The opening paragraph of the draft Political Resolution for adoption by the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) in Sydney from October 4-7, states: “The decisive factor in this historical period is the intensification of the class struggle which is reflected in the rising level of action by millions of ordinary people against the injustice and misery inflicted by capitalism. The struggle to change this situation will lead to reforms and revolutionary transformations.”

After more than 200 years of capitalist domination, the people of the world are facing crises on all fronts – economic, nutrition, sanitation, water, housing, energy, health care, jobs, etc. There is also the considerable environmental damage being inflicted on communities and the planet, ongoing conflicts, the threat of new wars and the ever-increasing number of refugees fleeing for their safety. Capitalism, with its constant drive to maximise profits and accumulate wealth through the exploitation of workers and unfettered plunder of the world’s finite resources, stops at nothing to achieve its goals. Around the world workers and their trade unions, Indigenous peoples, peasants and farmers and communities are under attack.

“Capitalism causes excessive and avoidable damage to the environment as corporations pollute the water, soil and atmosphere, rip out the resources of the planet, and destroy its vegetation and biodiversity in their criminal drive for profits irrespective of the consequences for the long-term survival of all forms of life on earth,” the Resolution notes. The report released last week by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) leaves no doubt as to the impact human activity is having on the climate and the reality and speed of that change.

Capitalism cannot change its ways, the pursuit of private profit is its defining and motive force. Under enough pressure, it may grant a few concessions, but these are never permanent. The business cycle with periodic recessions cannot be eliminated. It is a sick system, well past its “use-by-date” and needs replacing.

“With two billion of the world’s seven billion people lacking adequate nutrition, sanitation, health care and education, there is a real and growing anger against these and other effects of the capitalist system,” the draft Political Resolution states. But the necessity of socialism as the only real solution for their problems does not automatically become a conviction in people’s minds.

“Through class struggle the working class accumulates valuable experience that contributes, in combination with the political-ideological work of Communist Parties, to the development of class and political consciousness. The political and ideological work of Communist Parties is a critical factor in the development of this political consciousness,” the Resolution states, in addressing the question of raising consciousness and building the movement for progressive change towards a socialist society.

The members of the CPA are active and dedicated – as are our counterparts in other countries – to the interests of the working people. The CPA has progressive policies for democratic rights, secure and better living standards, for environmental protection, trade union rights, peace between nations, child-care facilities, gender equality, full employment, trade union and workers’ rights, student and the youth, for the rights of the Indigenous people. At the present time, big money rules and has willing servants in both the major political parties – Liberal and Labor.

The Resolution puts forward a strategy for building a stronger, class conscious and militant trade union movement and developing alliances to win real change. “Today’s conditions are ripe for the building of democratic, anti-monopoly and anti-imperialist alliances which aim to challenge and ultimately defeat capitalism and imperialism and to fundamentally transform society.” The Resolution places emphasis on building the Party and strengthening party unity and activity and the Party’s commitment “to fighting for workers’ rights, democratic and proletarian internationalism, the preservation of peace and the environment, with a perspective of socialism.”

As the main Congress slogan says: “Active and United for a Socialist Australia.” Why not join us or come to the Opening of Congress on Friday October 4 if you live in Sydney. See page 6 or check out our website www.cpa.org.au for more information.

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