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Issue #1611      September 18, 2013

Meeting for Freedom of the Cuban Five

HAVANA: An International Meeting For The Freedom Of The Five was held at the Hotel National in Havana with the theme “15 Years, Enough”, to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the arrest of The Cuban Five and demand their release.

Keith Headland, Rene Gonzalez and his wife Olga.

Over 100 delegates from 33 countries took part in the event, held September 11-14.

Rene Gonzalez and members of the families of the Five have been taking part, along with many public figures, both Cuban and from other countries.

An exhibition of paintings by Antonio Guerrero was organised and held in the Jose Marti memorial in the Plaza.

The delegates went to a large spectacular musical event in the Karl Marx Theatre, to commemorate this anniversary, which was attended by Raul Castro and a number of government officials, where a number of well known artists performed, including Silvio Rodriguez, Danny Rivera, Victor Heredia, Ernesto and David Blanco.

Cubans responded to the call from Rene to wear a yellow ribbon on September 12, publicising it with the song “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree.”

Yellow clothes were common in the street and yellow ribbons were hanging from cars, busses, apartments, balconies, trees, lamp posts, shops and businesses all over Havana.

The Hotel National and grounds were also decorated with yellow.

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