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Issue #1610      September 11, 2013

Jobs to go

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) has slammed the Newman state government for privatising its maintenance at the Gold Coast University Hospital despite $4.5 million in Q Health agreements for apprentices – it is undetermined how many people will lose their job.

AMWU organiser Scott Stanford said this was a test for the Newman government and once again they failed.

“There is $4.5 million set aside in the Health agreements for the training of apprentices – and yet not one cent has been spent by this government,” Scott Stanford said.

He said that this shows that the LNP government have limited interest in training the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow. The Gold Coast has a high level of unemployment in youth.

“If the state government had a real interest in training Queensland’s young people they would keep this work in-house rather than privatising,” he said.

“The government should have taken the decision to employ a base number of trades people to complete maintenance and supplement this with apprentices.

“At this stage it is still unclear how many people would have lost their positions at the hospital – but we are working with members and representing them in this hard time.

“If this is the treatment workers and apprentices are receiving under a Newman government – we can expect the same under an Abbott led, federal government.”

“As is the normal practice the AMWU will assist our members through this traumatic time bought on by the heartless LNP government as best we can,” Mr Stanford said.

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