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Issue #1609      September 4, 2013

Statement from the Syrian Communist Party

The Syrian Communist Party, in these difficult days, calls on the Syrian people to close ranks, and make every effort to address the brutal colonial aggression.

Imperialism, with the United States at its head, has failed to conquer Syria through imposition of economic blockade and support of criminal gangs and heinous terrorist acts, many of them sectarian and ethnic, or through the vandalism and destruction of economic installations and imposition of obscurantist sharia law on an open and tolerant people.

Now we see America and its allies announce their willingness to move to direct military aggression, citing fabricated charges to justify aggression.

This brutish power hypocritically accuses Syria of crimes that it has itself committed as the so-called leader of the free world and defender of democracy.

Witness the use by the invading American forces of bacterial & chemical weapons in the war against Korea in the middle of the last century; the use of Agent Orange in the war against the liberation movement of the people of Vietnam, which still causes Vietnamese women to give birth to deformed babies forty years after the end of this war; & use of depleted uranium by the U.S. military machine in the war against brotherly Iraq.

The crimes committed by US imperialism for many decades, provides for its leaders, including presidents, to be charged before the international war crimes tribunal.

The brave Syrian people, after heroic national steadfastness for more than two years, in the face of the undeclared war launched against them, will valiantly face the largest and most blatant military aggression.

The defence of the country and its sovereignty and independence, means defence of the Syrian national system, with heads held high, against all methods of aggression, refusing to submit or bow to humiliation.

In the difficult circumstances our country and people endure, all efforts must be made to strengthen all fronts: political, military and economic.

The Syrian people are not alone in their battle, a just struggle to support all freedom loving people in the world.

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