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Issue #1605      August 7, 2013

A special tribute

The 24th State Conference of the Communist Party of Australia in South Australia took place recently in a spirit of unity and optimism. An event to toast the success of the Conference and the upcoming 12th Congress of the Party was held following the meeting. Representatives of the Greens, Socialist Alliance, Spirit of Eureka, Left Unity and the FMLN of El Salvador spoke in support of the work of the State Committee of the Party and the political demands of the CPA for social justice in Australia.

The Conference was special for members in South Australia because they had the opportunity to recognise the enormous contribution to the Party of comrade Alan Miller. Visiting representative from the Central Committee, Anna Pha, made a presentation to Alan of an album of photographs showing his leading role in the Party over many decades. Members shared recollections of their joint activity with Alan and applauded an entire life devoted to the cause of socialism and Communism in Australia.   

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