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Issue #1602      July 17, 2013


Bernie Dwyer, journalist, Cuban Five supporter

Bernie Dwyer, long-time journalist for Radio Habana Cuba, and Irish citizen, died on July 10 after a long and valiant fight against cancer.

Co-producer with Roberto Ruiz of the seminal documentary, Mission Against Terror, she quickly won the admiration and support of Cuban Five supporters around the world for the inspiring and educational film that brought to life the anti-terrorist mission of Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René, and explained so eloquently their freedom struggle. Debuted in 2004, it remains a valuable instrument and one of the most important films about the Cuban Five.

Bernie was recognised not only for her dedicated journalist reporting on the Five, she was also an advocate for the Cuban heroes. She came to the United States for their three federal court hearings, Miami in 2004, Atlanta in 2006 and 2007, and their re-sentencing. She worked tirelessly in Europe to speak to many audiences for their cause.

The Cuban Five heroes are in mourning for Bernie’s passing. Fernando González from Safford federal prison in Arizona, wrote on July 10, “I just learned from my mother that Bernie Dwyer passed away. It is very sad and a great loss for all of us. She was a fighter and a staunch supporter of The Five. She had a great talent, too, which she always used to advance just causes.”

We in the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five who worked with her since 2001 remember her warmth, verve and journalistic professionalism, and Irish revolutionary spirit. She fought valiantly to survive cancer for several years, and never gave up working for justice.

Our profound sentiments go out to her family and friends and colleagues at Radio Habana Cuba.

Bernie Dwyer, ¡Presente!   

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