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Issue #1601      July 10, 2013

Workers left stunned at Hastings Deering redundancies

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) has slammed Hastings Deering for fast-tracking their redundancy process – leaving affected workers stunned and outraged.

The AMWU said the company had been targeting specific employees without proper process or genuine consultation with the union.

AMWU Central Queensland organiser Brad Hansen said the company refuses to provide the Skills and Performance Assessments which would illuminate how they are making these redundancies.

“This decision should be shaped from objective criteria; the AMWU expected all avenues to be explored before permanent local jobs were made redundant,” Brad Hansen said.

“Hastings Deering has conducted these redundancies at lightning speed and without genuine consultation.

“The AMWU has been left unsatisfied by the way in which the company have dealt with this process; they have not done everything possible to reduce the effect of these job losses.

“Many people are left feeling angry and hurt. Many are stunned by the swift and callous way in which the company have conducted themselves.

“Hastings Deering must consult properly with the workers and the union throughout the redundancy process.”

The AMWU has cautioned Hastings Deering they will take appropriate action to ensure affected workers receive fair treatment during the company’s restructure.

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