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Issue #1601      July 10, 2013

Statement, Egyptian Communist Party

The People will stay in the Squares until Achievement of their Revolutionary Demands

The Egyptian Communist Party once more addresses the masses of our great Egyptian people with a salute and honour on their heroic position resisting the fascist tyranny of the failed regime. The party sees that this unanimous civilized position only expresses the authenticity, nobility and awareness of this people who confirmed their absolute rejection of compromising their right to live in freedom and dignity, whatever the sacrifices.

The Party also expresses its welcoming of the statement of the armed forces and its unequivocally direct siding with the demands of the Egyptian people known to all. We emphasise this statement’s respect of the armed forces’ role as defender of Egyptian national security and protecting the people’s will and choice, without getting involved in the political arena.

The Egyptian people, are the only source of legitimacy. They alone, decide what they deem appropriate to get out of this situation. The people decided that Mohamed Morsi Isa El-Ayyat had betrayed the oath he made when he became president. He and his group of Muslim Brotherhood and their allies dared to attack the sanctity of the judiciary and ruined the country’s economy dwarfing its role and threatening its national security, social peace and national unity. Therefore, the people with their epic overwhelming outing have assured that this man and his fascist regime have become usurpers of authority. He should rightfully get out of the political scene and undergo reckoning and trial with co-criminals for what they committed against the people and the country.

We call upon the masses of the people not to leave the squares and not to abandon the revolution until they achieves their demands.

Long live Egypt !

Long live the revolution of its noble people !   

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