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Issue #1599      June 26, 2013

Royal Mail management joins sell-off fight

BRITAIN: Royal Mail bosses threw their weight behind postal workers last week in the fight to save the service from privatisation. Senior managers, who are part of the Unite union, said they fully supported the Communications Workers Union (CWU) whose members have voted overwhelmingly against coalition government plans to hand Royal Mail over to the private sector.

Unite assistant general secretary Tony Burke said: “Our members working in the Royal Mail are in management and senior management positions. They are becoming increasingly concerned about the proposed privatisation and its implications for the public, for pensioners, the disabled and small companies - as well as future employment and their pension provisions.

“Their concerns reflect the overwhelming vote against privatisation carried this week by CWU members.”

A CWU spokeswoman said is was “great” to have the full support of Unite on “this vital campaign.

“Privatising Royal Mail would have a major impact on managers as well as CWU members in the company, not to mention on customers too,” she said.

“We remain firmly convinced that privatisation would only serve limited vested interests and faceless investors simply after a quick profit. We, along with our members who work in Royal Mail, will provide MPs with information and arguments on why we think privatisation is such a bad idea at the lobby on July 2. Until then, the fight to Save Our Royal Mail continues to build momentum.”

As part of its campaign of opposition to privatisation, the CWU has announced the July lobby of Parliament and, at a meeting between Mr Burke and CWU leader Billy Hayes, it was agreed that both unions would work jointly to save the Royal Mail from being sold off.

Mr Burke added that all Unite members are being encouraged to attend the lobby to show the coalition the strength of opposition to privatisation.

Royal Mail has claimed that privatisation would enable the company to “combine the best of the public and private sectors and secure as many good-quality jobs as possible.”

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