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Issue #1599      June 26, 2013

Scott Ludlam Federal re-election campaign launch

As the filth and the (false) fury that is the election campaign of the Liberal and Labor Parties – from Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail to the sexual preferences of the Prime Minister’s partner – made headlines across the nation for all the wrong reasons, West Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam kicked off his re-election campaign by highlighting many important issues that he would be pursuing in his next term of office if he is re-elected.

Scott Ludlam’s launch was held outdoors at Rigby’s Bar in the Perth CBD, a popular drinking spot named after a long time political cartoonist at the West Australian newspaper and was attended by 350 people including many of the party faithful but also some who had come for the first time.

The MC for the evening was fellow WA Greens Senator Rachel Siewart, who is not facing re-election. She introduced the principal speaker for the night, former Greens leader and now ongoing activist and occasional DJ, Bob Brown. He started the evening by highlighting Scott Ludlam’s commitment to having Australia’s spy agency’s subjected to oversight when conducting surveillance of people, by seeking to introduce legislation. This would require the government to show cause before a judicial officer in the form of a warrant before conducting eavesdropping of the kind.

Bob Brown also defended the good work of the Sea Shepherd and its intrepid leader captain Paul Watson who has an international warrant for his arrest by Japan for Green Peace’s role in defying Japan’s so called scientific whaling program and, in so doing, upholding international law in regard to the Antarctic Whaling Sanctuary.

Scott Ludlam commenced his speech with what he believed was the number one issue which will effect all Australians and that is climate change. To help with our appreciation it was important to listen to the stories of Aboriginal Elders whose ancestors have passed on stories about Australia when it was subject to the last ice age.

“WorkChoices had still not been completely unpicked,” Ludlam reminded the audience. “We need new tools to build new forms of democracy, ones that are free from moneyed interests and only pursuing profits.”

Ludlam concluded by saying that what was needed was a turning point so that we can deal with the urgent and pressing issues of the day, including the calculated asset-stripping of our economy with so much of our manufacturing going overseas.

The Communist Party of Australia supports the campaign for the re-election of Senator Scott Ludlam as the Greens have been able to break the two party stranglehold and are pursuing progressive policies which will help bring about a more sustainable economy and a more transparent, accountable and fair society.   

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