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Issue #1599      June 26, 2013

Commemoration: Chile, September 11, 1973

A broad coalition of community, trade union, church and human rights groups are organising activities to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the military coup in Chile on September 11 1973. The activities planned by the Other September 11 Committee were endorsed by Unions NSW.

The coordinator of the Committee Rita Mallia, President of the NSW Branch of the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union says that in the aftermath of the coup “Australian trade unions were in the forefront of international solidarity. In fact it was a delegation of Australian trade unionists who went inside Chile immediately after the coup and exposed the atrocities and reign of terror of the military that further galvanised international solidarity. We are pleased to continue our solidarity with the people of Chile.”

NSW ALP MP’s Lynda Voltz and Laurie Ferguson and NSW Greens MP John Kaye have endorsed the commemoration activities. Laurie Ferguson who represents the electorate of Werriwa in western Sydney where many Chileans live says “We should never forget the terror of the period of dictatorship or the courage of those who fought for the restoration of democratic rights.”

A public meeting, vigil and film screening has been planned for September 11. Maya Fernandez Allende, the granddaughter of socialist President Salvador Allende overthrown in the 1973 military coup, has been invited to participate in the planned commemoration activities. There is also a commemoration planned for 11am at Fairfield Park at the monument to Salvador Allende.

Finally Memoria Viva is planning an exhibition documenting the abuses of human rights in the secret Villa Grimaldi Torture Centre during the dictatorship and a Justice for Victor Jara Concert in Casa Latinoamericana on September 13 and 14.

For more information about the activities of the Other September 11 Committee contact
Elizabeth Rivera: elirivera29@hotmail.com

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