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Issue #1597      June 12, 2013

Rally in Sydney in support of people’s uprising in Turkey

A rally was held at Town Hall Sydney, to show support and solidarity with the Turkish people rising up in protest against the Islamist-leaning Erdogan government, which has been a linchpin for US-NATO imperialist objectives in the region.

The rally in Sydney was representative of demonstrations that have broken out all around the world in the last week, showing support for the Turkish people in their struggle. The following is part of a statement released by Hands off Syria, which was represented at the Sydney rally:

The solidarity of the Turkish and Syrian people is the rock on which the whole US-NATO imperialist dream of reordering the Middle East could founder.

The geo-political and feudalist fantasies, especially those of the US, UK, France, Turkey and the autocratic Gulf states of Qatar and Saudi Arabia have not reckoned with the resistance of the Syrian people, nor the revolt of the Turkish people.

The solidarity between the Syrian people in their resistance and the Turkish people in their revolt can inspire the millions who have been stirred into action by the depredations of capitalism’s global economic crisis, which the ruling oligarchies expect to be resolved at the expense of the working people of the world and through the destruction of the people’s hard won gains that collectively make up a civil society.

In taking on imperialism – whether imposed from outside as in Syria, or from the top as in Turkey – the Turkish and Syrian people can re-inspire the popular uprisings of the Arab Spring, which have stalled as the reactionary US-NATO-Gulf states have used all means to install Muslim Brotherhood regimes in client states, like Egypt and Tunisia, or unleashed Al-Qaeda gangs to trash the countries and bring about regime change, as in Libya and Syria.

Finally, the unexpected strength of resistance in Syria, and the strength of revolt in Turkey, which has been a key marshalling point in the assault on Syria, has shown how suddenly the fortunes and prospects of the imperialist counteroffensive can shift.  

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