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Issue #1594      May 22, 2013

Americans ride to free the Cuban Five

On Sunday, May 5, two Americans rode their bikes in a 40-mile ride that passed through over 20 different towns in the area of Lake Como, Italy.

This year the annual Garibaldina cycling event, in which hundreds of cyclist participate, was co-sponsored by the Italy-Cuba Friendship Circle of Como City.

The riders called on the US government to set free the unjustly imprisoned five Cubans who were active in the US in 1998 to stop terrorist attacks by anti-Castro organisations that are based in Florida.

The five Cubans had provided information to the Cuban government on US-based terror plots by anti-Communist exiles such as the bombings of hotels.

When the Cuban government gave information to the FBI, the five Cubans were arrested. The terrorist groups were not dismantled and are still active.

The event in Como was followed by a banquet lunch where American and Swiss riders were able to meet and speak with fellow Italian riders as well as with the Cuban Ambassador to Italy, Milagros Carina Soto Agüer, and a representative from the Cuban consulate in Milan, Eduardo Vidal Chirino.

Also present were national regional heads of the Italy-Cuba Friendship Association which has organised groups, called circles, throughout Italy.

One of the Five, Rene Gonzalez, has been released and is now back in Cuba.

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