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Issue #1594      May 22, 2013

Dead kids’ IDs “commonly” used by cops

BRITAIN: The use of dead children’s identities by undercover police officers was “common practice”, a chief constable investigating the matter has told MPs. Mick Creedon made the comment in a letter to Parliament’s home affairs committee.

Mr Creedon is leading Operation Herne, a probe into Scotland Yard’s Special Demonstration Squad (SDS). A series of allegations has been made since former PC Mark Kennedy was exposed in 2011 as an undercover officer who spied on environmental protesters under the alias Mark Stone, during which time he had at least one sexual relationship with a female activist.

A number of women and men are currently suing the Metropolitan Police over alleged intimate relationships with undercover officers, including cases where children have been fathered.

Derbyshire Police chief Mr Creedon was brought in to take over the inquiry from the Met in February.

“This issue is very complicated and mistakes could put lives in jeopardy.”

Mr Creedon was responding to a series of questions put to him by the home affairs committee.

He told MPs that he couldn’t estimate how many dead children’s identities had been used but stated that “this was common practice within the SDS”.

There are currently 50,000 documents yet to be examined.

Committee chairman Keith Vaz said that it was “vital that Herne does not go the way of the original phone-hacking investigations. It is imperative that a timetable is set for completion of the operation, and the victims informed and apologised to as soon as possible.

“In particular, the families of dead children whose identities were used, the offspring conceived by police officers using their undercover identities and those who had sexual relations with them using their alias must be contacted as a matter of urgency.”

Mr Vaz said he remained concerned that a full time police officer was leading the investigation which he said was “essential to the public confidence in the police.”

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