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Issue #1591      May 1, 2013

AEU secures agreement in principle for schools

Victorian public education staff will receive salary increases of up to 20.5 percent under a new proposed pay deal reached by the Australian Education Union (AEU) and the state government. Teachers at the top of the scale will become the second highest paid in the nation.

AEU Victorian Branch president Meredith Peace said the in-principle agreement was a significant win for teachers, principals and education support staff across the state.

“Today’s outcome is an historic achievement. For the first time, we have a single in-principle agreement that covers all public education staff, rewards their hard work and improves the conditions of their employment,” Ms Peace said.

The proposed deal, which will run from 2013 through to October 2016, includes significant salary increases, competitive with New South Wales and in line with other Victorian public sector deals. It also includes no performance pay, no increase in class sizes or face-to-face teaching hours as well as improvements to the contract system of employment.

Victorian teachers across the scale will receive salary increases of between 16.1 – 20.5 percent, principals from 17 – 19.6 percent and education support staff from 12 – 17.1 percent.

“For the first time, education support staff will benefit from additional leave and contract entitlements, with no un-paid recall during school holidays,” said Ms Peace.

“The focus of the AEU throughout this lengthy negotiation period has been to deliver an outcome that increases our ability to attract and retain quality staff and to continue to provide a high quality education system for our public schools students.

“We are already one of the hardest working, highest performing public educators in Australia and by international standards. We are confident that this in-principle agreement will play a significant role in addressing statewide staff shortages, provide an incentive for teachers to stay in the classroom and reduce the level of contract employment.”

The proposed deal has been endorsed by the Joint Primary and Secondary Council. It now must go to all members for approval and then on to Fair Work Australia for a ballot of the Victorian Teaching Service.

Ms Peace said the in-principle agreement included:

  • Salary increases of between 16.1 – 20.5 per cent for all teachers
  • 17 – 19.6 per cent for all principals
  • 12 – 17.1 per cent for all education support staff
  • A one-off lump sum payment of $1,000 for all staff
  • A new process to monitor the level of contract employment across the schools
  • Education support staff to now receive an additional two weeks of annual leave per year
  • Integration aides can now be employed on contracts of up to seven years
  • Education staff positions, with the exception of six week casual vacancies, will now be advertised (currently approximately 50 percent of positions are not advertised).

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