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Issue #1589      April 17, 2013

Over 100,000 patients benefitted from Cuba’s Heberprot-P

More than 100,000 patients in the world, including Cubans, have been benefitted from the use of Heberprot-P, a medicament developed by the island’s biotechnology industry for diabetic foot ulcers, with notable results.

Doctor of Sciences Manuel Raices, a specialist with Havana’s Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, an institution that along with the Angiology Institute developed this world leading product, said that the medicine has prevented amputation in most cases, which improves the quality of life.

He announced that they plan to have another 60,000 patients to benefit from Heberprot-P, with a priority for Cubans.

Heberprot-P continues to be the only product of its kind in the world and constitutes another achievement of Cuban biotechnology at the service of mankind.


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