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Issue #1586      March 20, 2013

Brotherhood slams UN pro-women stance

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has sharply criticised a so-far unpublished UN document on combating violence against women. It said that it was “deceitful,” clashed with Islamic principles and undermined family values.

The text of the document, which is still being argued over, studies how to address sexual violence and rights of women to control their sexuality as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Diplomats are seeking agreement before the two-week meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women wraps up in New York.

Egypt is reportedly seeking to introduce an opt-out clause to allow each country to implement the document according to its own traditions.

According to the Brotherhood, the draft under discussion advocates sexual freedom for women and the right to abortion “under the guise of sexual and reproductive rights.”

The Brotherhood also decried the document’s defence of homosexual rights and equating children born in and out of wedlock.

It said the title of the document addressing violence was “deceitful.”

“It contains articles that clash with Islamic principles and its basics in the Quran and in Islamic traditions,” the Brotherhood statement said.

“It eliminates Islamic values and seeks to destroy the family … which would lead to social disintegration.”

The Brotherhood called on Muslim nations, women’s groups and Islamic organisations to reject the document. It urged women’s rights groups not to be “lured by phoney calls for civilised behaviour.”

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