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Issue #1586      March 20, 2013

QLD LNP govt’s slash and burn policies take
their toll on jobs

The Queensland Council of Unions has told the Newman Liberal National Party government it should stop picking fights with the union movement and concentrate on addressing Queensland’s increasing jobless rate.

In the most recent job figures, Queensland jumped from 5.5 per cent to 5.8 per cent in February, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures. The state lost more than 2,800 full-time jobs in the month.

Queensland’s economic performance continues to fall short of the national seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, which came in at 5.4 per cent in February.

The state government’s job cuts are having a contractionary effect on the state economy and a devastating impact in parts of regional Queensland.

“Instead of wasting time on picking fights with their own workers over union membership, they should be thinking about how to create secure jobs for the 146,100 Queenslanders without work,” QCU president John Battams said.

Economic growth is stagnating in Queensland. Public sector sackings have not only added to the number of unemployed but have had a detrimental affect on public services including health and education.

At the same time the government is hell bent on further privatisation in line with the recent “independent” report from former Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello.

“It’s time for the Newman government to walk away from Costello and his Report, and reassess its policies of job cuts and privatisation, including contracting out.

“The medicine that Costello and [state Treasurer] Nicholls have forced on Queensland isn’t agreeing with the people or the economy.”  

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