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Issue #1585      March 13, 2013

The Coal Seam Gas Protest Song

Lyrics by Ainslie Lamb.

Tune: Sing a song of sixpence.

Sing a song of profits, the miners now have found
Another way to exploit the coal that’s underground.
Taking out the coal gas and selling it abroad,
Another hefty bonus for the chairman of the board.


Protest with your banners, protest with your feet,
Protest through the internet, protest with a tweet.
Write those e-mail letters, send one send them all
Let the politicians know we don’t want it at all.
Sing a song of danger, the process is quite flawed,
Fracking causes toxins to leach into the soil.
It’s contaminated, then what do you think?
The water in the catchment isn’t fit to drink.


Sing a song of protest, the people must be heard.
It’s not just the Greenies, we all think it’s absurd.
Farmers in the country, city dwellers too
Would like to keep the environment from being completely –
(spoken) MUCKED UP.

Repeat chorus.

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