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Issue #1584      March 6, 2013

The Recall Records dispute in WA escalates

The picket at the Recall Records Corporation dispute at the Malaga warehouse in Western Australia has now gone into its second week, despite attempts by the workers and the National Union of Workers (NUW) to resolve the dispute.

Community Barbeque at NUW picket at Malaga. (Photo: Richard Titelius)

Last week when it looked like the clients of Recall Records would start putting pressure on the company to resolve the dispute and allow the free flow of the corporate records to and from the warehouse, Recall Records responded by seeking injunctions in the Federal Court against the union to allow the records to leave the warehouse.

The second injunction was granted on Friday and on Saturday March 1, NUW organiser Alex Falconer reported that “Some scabs drove up to the premises and one of the managers opened a gate to allow the records to come out.”

Falconer advised that the union had tried to speak to a number of managers at Recall Records to try to resolve the dispute but none were prepared to talk creating the impression that pressure has been brought to bear on them to close ranks to ensure that the dispute is settled only on the terms of Recall.

While this tactic if it succeeds may save Recall Records some money it will not do much for morale or enthusiasm to work for such a repressive corporation once the workers return.

The dispute between Recall Records Corporation and their workers is over a pay claim for a period of three years where workers are seeking twelve percent and the management seek nine percent.

Neither side has lodged an application for conciliation with Fair Work Australia, which requires the will to bargain in good faith by both parties and is something which is distinctly lacking on behalf of the owners of capital at Recall Records.

On last Sunday the NUW organised a community barbeque at the picket site in Malaga to maintain morale and raise money for the struggle of the workers.   

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