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Issue #1583      February 27, 2013

Workers picket Recall Records Management warehouse

Since Thursday February 21, workers at the Malaga warehouse in WA of US Records Management Corporation, Recall have been on strike and manning a picket outside the gates of their workplace.

The picket was set up by the workers union at the Recall warehouse, the National Union of Workers (NUW) who have been in attendance along with organisers, delegates, family and friends from a number of other unions including the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, Maritime Union of Australia and the Community and Public Sector Union/Civil Service Association.

The workers at the Malaga warehouse have been locked in negotiations for a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement for the past eight months with the management of Recall offering 3 percent per year over three years while the workers are asking for 4 percent per year.

The workers at Recall believe the company is able to afford to pay this amount after management at the company awarded themselves a 37 percent pay increase.

Dean, an organiser for the NUW at the picket line advised that Western Australia was also the lowest paid amongst workers at Recall warehouses across Australia, with WA workers being paid between $2 and $6 per hour depending on classification, less than workers in Victoria with the cost of living in Perth being one of the highest in Australia.

The workers and officials at the picket are in high spirits and have observed that the consequences of the picket have begun to impact upon the bottom line of the company. They believe that in the next few days officials from the Recall corporation will begin to negotiate in good faith after earlier having a Sydney law firm send intimidating letters to all employees threatening legal action for the consequences of the legitimate pursuit of their industrial rights.  

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