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Issue #1581      February 13, 2013

The birth of a new far-right party

BRITAIN: Andrew Brons – a former chairman of the National Front (NF) and until recently one of the British National Party’s MEPs (Members of the European Parliamnt) – launched a new party last weekend, one he and his supporters hope will finally kill off the BNP.

The British Democratic Party (BDP), which was launched in a small village just outside Leicester, presents itself as a “modern” alternative to the British National Party. But it will, if anything, be even more extreme.

The BDP brings together veteran Nazis, Holocaust deniers, English Defence League (EDL) thugs and even racists from the NF. Security for the meeting was provided by EDL activists – being bussed in from Newcastle – to provide protection for one of their own, Kevin Scott, a long-term fascist activist from the north-east who is the BDP’s interim leader.

A former BNP regional organiser, Scott has maintained a steady line of attack against what he and Brons’s supporters allege is the ongoing corruption and “watering down” of the BNP. Ageing Brons, who is 66 this year, has positioned himself as the new party’s ideological mentor and president.

The formation of the BDP comes 18 months after he failed to unseat BNP leader and fellow MEP Nick Griffin in a bitter leadership election. As hundreds of disillusioned BNP members made their way to smaller parties like the English Democrats, Brons waited, believing the perilous financial state of the party would eventually account for Griffin.

Frustrated, Brons finally resigned last October, claiming that he had been “constructively expelled” by what he considered to be merely the “rump” of what was left of the BNP.

Griffin loyalists had already launched a series of claims for unfair dismissal and religious and sexual discrimination against Brons’s European office. In over 50 years of far-right activity, Brons has maintained a revolting collection of hard-line admirers.

A speaking tour last year, to discuss the formation of a new far-right party, drew audiences from such groups as the NF, British Movement and Combat 18.

Many of those attendees were former BNP members who had either left or been driven from the BNP during its supposed modernisation over the last decade.

Brons began his political career in the 1960s, when he joined the openly Nazi National Socialist Movement before becoming chairman of the National Front. Under his tutelage the BDP is expected to refocus the efforts of the far-right on promoting “scientific” racism, calling for the compulsory repatriation of non-whites and arguing that the Holocaust is a hoax – some of the core policies Griffin tried to disguise or abandon after he took over the BNP in 1999.

London-based barrister Adrian Davies, who registered the party, is a determined and long-term nemesis of Griffin.

Davies, who has also written the BDP’s new constitution, most recently defended – unsuccessfully – a businessman from Northern Ireland with links to loyalist paramilitaries who was accused of sending death threats to Griffin and his family.

John Bean, a former Mosleyite Blackshirt who previously edited the BNP’s monthly periodical and was often and openly lauded by Griffin, has now also thrown his weight in with Brons, as has Dr James Lewthwaite, who previously split from the BNP to form his own Bradford-based National Democratic Party in 2010.

Also joining them are the hard-line fascists and Holocaust deniers at Heritage and Destiny, Mark Cotterill and Peter Rushton, who have links to racists and anti-Semites across the world. Nick Lowles of the anti-fascist campaign group Hope Not Hate says the new party will be a serious challenge to Nick Griffin’s BNP.

“The BDP brings together the hardcore Holocaust deniers and racists that have walked away from the BNP over the last two to three years. If anything, it is going to be even more extreme than the BNP.

“It and the BNP already have a mutual hatred of each other and it will now be a fight for supremacy. The gloves will be off and it will be very ugly.”

The left has no role in a turf war between fascists. But we must be alert to the danger posed by yet another far-right group.

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