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Issue #1581      February 13, 2013

The people want dignity

Statement, Egyptian Communist Party

The Egyptian Communist Party participated with other parties and political forces in the call to the Egyptian people to rally in Tahrir Square on the Friday of Dignity, February 8, 2013 in order to condemn the regime and protest against the repressive and brutal practices of killing, lynching, detention, torture and harassment and rape of Egyptian free women... and attacking the peaceful demonstrators as exercised by the Ministry of Interior in the government of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Party holds Morsi and his group responsible for these crimes and demands the trial of all those responsible for them. The Party further confirms that these demonstrations are a continuation of the revolutionary wave demanding downing the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, restoring the hijacked revolution and struggling to achieve the goals of the January 25 Revolution by continuing demanding achievement of its goals (Freedom and Human Dignity and Social Justice).

Actions for social justice, the most important of which are wage increases to match the horrible increase of prices, as well as the right to work, housing and health. Besides, the Party also emphasises the demands of the people to down the false distorted constitution and the formation of a government of national salvation and calling for early presidential elections.

Long live Egypt ... Long live the Revolution...

Long live the struggle of the Egyptian People

The Egyptian Communist Party
February 7, 2013.   

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