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Issue #1581      February 13, 2013

Statement in support of the rights of Bob Carnegie

The Communist Party of Australia expresses its full support for the rights of community activist Bob Carnegie and pledges solidarity with efforts to maintain those rights in the face of an outrageous attack.

The actions of multinational corporation Lend Lease subsidiary AbiGroup, in bringing 54 counts of contempt of court against the veteran activist, are rightly viewed by the public as an act of spite arising out of the success of a campaign to defend appropriate conditions for workers at the Royal Children’s Hospital site in Brisbane.

The Newman government stands condemned for joining in this assault on people’s basic rights of association and free speech. The use of a private firm to spy on activists protesting in support of workers and other acts of intimidation underscore the sinister nature of the attack on concerned members of the community and their support of rights in the workplace.

The CPA condemns these attempts to criminalise dissent in Australia; they are part of the broader agenda of the most draconian parts of WorkChoices kept in the Fair Work Australia legislation that was introduced by the Rudd and Gillard governments.

Bob Carnegie’s case has already attracted nationwide and international attention. Support will continue to snowball. The CPA endorses the call for the immediate withdrawal of all legal proceedings against Mr Carnegie.

Yours in solidarity,

Vinnie Molina
CPA President

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