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Issue #1580      February 6, 2013


James Connolly Association Banner Launch

The James Connolly Association Australia was formed in early 2011. And in early November 2012, a branch of The James Connolly Association was established in Melbourne. The Association is named after the Irish patriot who lived and died in defence of the ideal of Irish Socialist Republicanism. The aim of the Association is to heighten awareness of the Republican and Socialist message among the people who make up the Irish diaspora in Australia and the general population. Also to struggle for the restoration of political status for Republican prisoners, to highlight the injustices inherent with British interference in Irish affairs, and as part of the broader Irish Republican community to lobby for a British withdrawal from Ireland. We believe in the right of the Irish people to the control of Irish destinies, free from external interference, and support the ideal of an independent All-Ireland Socialist Republic.

On the occasion of the arrival of a new banner for the recently formed branch a few members met outside the Celtic Club to view the banner. This meeting and the unfurling of the banner became an impromptu Free Marian Price protest when some photographs were being taken. Marian Price, 57, is one of several Irish Republican political prisoners currently being held in English jails. Marian was a former Republican volunteer, ex-political prisoner and hunger striker.

She was given a Royal pardon in 1980, but was rearrested in 2011 and put back in prison. Marian was not convicted for any crime, but has been held in detention in solitary confinement for her attendance at a Republican Easter Rising Commemoration rally in Derry and for holding up a piece of paper at that rally for a masked man while he read a message in April 2011.

There have been increasing concerns about the health of Marion Price and the matter has been raised by various Irish political parties including Sinn Fein and the Social Democratic Labour Party, among others.

The real reason Marian Price is being held is because the British state wants to punish and suppress her for her outspoken dissident views and crush her spirit. Her continued imprisonment is a clear example of internment without trial and an utterly disgraceful abuse of Marian’s human rights. The British government has no legal right to detain Marian in a high security prison and hold her indefinitely, as she is not guilty of any serious crime. The imprisonment of Marian Price is clearly unjust and she should be immediately released.

The James Connolly Association, Melbourne continues to grow quickly and will soon begin to take a more forceful role in supporting Irish Republican political prisoners and exposing the blatant hypocrisy of the British justice system as practised against the nationalist population in northeast Ireland.  

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