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Issue #1580      February 6, 2013

The empire goes on the attack

The pro-imperialist rightwing is looking for legalistic subterfuges to twist the sovereign will of the people and attack President Chávez. For the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) there is no doubt that the new presidential term of President Hugo Chávez, which is to last six years, begins today, January 10. Regarding what might happen now that the head of state has announced that he cannot attend the swearing in at the National Assembly, we emphasize that the sovereign will of the people is the central element of any interpretation of what can be done about it.

President Chávez has been re-elected by a majority of voters, which is the embodiment of popular sovereignty constitutionally established in Article 5, which literally states that “sovereignty resides in the people and is not transferable.” Thus both in fact and in point of law the will of the people is clearly expressed that their president is and will continue to be Hugo Chávez.

The govt continues

We affirm that the current period ends today, and today a new period begins for which President Chávez was re-elected by the overwhelming will of the Venezuelan people. Therefore, there is continuity of governance, although eventually the ceremonial act of swearing in will have to take place before the Supreme Justice Tribune, at a later date.

Regarding the continuity of current cabinet of ministers, we stress that having continuity in governance, if the President ratifies his cabinet or not – in part or in its entirety – is an act that can be performed at any time.

A section of the self-styled Democratic Unity Table (MUD) – in reality this is a right-wing table – has called for the destabilisation of the revolutionary process, calling for a general strike that undoubtedly is following the directives from US imperialism. Washington has avoided a public statement on the dispute. “We hope that any transition in Venezuela is democratic, legal, constitutional and transparent,” the State Department’s Latin America spokesperson William Ostick told the Efe news agency. But we know that in reality they want a transition to the past: without Chávez, without a conscious people active in the Bolivarian process, a Venezuela controlled by imperialism, a Latin America divided, etc.

Revolutionary and anti-imperialist forces must respond forcefully and with organisation to defend the popular will expressed on October 7 [date of national election]. We also call upon the revolutionary forces of the continent to express their solidarity in various ways with President Chávez and the Bolivarian process.  

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