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Issue #1579      January 30, 2013

PCP condemns military intervention in Mali

Statement, Portuguese Communist Party

The ongoing foreign military intervention in Mali, spearheaded by France and involving other imperialist powers, is inseparable from the militaristic and interventionist path of NATO, the European Union and its main powers and, in the context of the ever-deepening crisis of capitalism and through several processes of increasing foreign intervention, militarisation of the continent. Also the destabilisation of several countries, seeks to strengthen imperialism’s economic, political and geo-strategic domination of the continent and jeopardise the sovereignty and territorial integrity of several African States.

The military intervention in Mali, unleashed once again under the pretext of “fighting Islamic terrorists”, is inseparable from the plans of various imperialist powers, headed by France, to reconstitute their web of colonial domination, that was ended by decades of struggle of the African peoples, to control and exploit the region’s abundant natural resources and specifically those of Mali, namely its oil and other subsoil resources such as uranium.

The domestic situation in Mali is, like those of other countries in Africa or other regions of the globe, the concrete result of the imperialist strategy of instigating sectarian, religious and ethnic conflicts which are used as pretexts for aggression and military occupation and, in itself, strengthens religious radicalism and terrorism.

It is in this light that the domestic conflict in Mali must be seen. A conflict which, through foreign intervention, may spread out to other countries of the region. The domestic situation in Mali will only be solved within the framework of respect for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, free from interferences and foreign military interventions.

The PCP deplores the stance of the Portuguese government which, invoking the defence of Mali’s stability and territorial integrity, has supported military intervention which will only serve to introduce greater elements of instability in that country and the region.  

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