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Issue #1559      8 August 2012

Two Communists running in local government elections

The local council areas of Auburn and the City of Sydney will feature party members running as candidates. In Auburn, running for the Battler is Tony Oldfield, a well-known local activist and party member. In the City of Sydney is Denis Doherty running as Mayoral and Councillor Candidate with the Housing Action Team.

Both comrades have been heavily involved in their local communities acting to encourage the use of local government resources for ordinary people. In Tony’s case the group he belongs to (the Battler and www.battler.org.au) have been involved in a campaign to stop the state Liberal government sending radioactive waste from the north shore suburb of Hunters Hill to a storage facility in Lidcombe.

Tony Oldfield is running for Second Ward of the Auburn Council area.

They have also lead successful campaigns to stop large areas from being re-zoned for high-rise development. Tony spoke with The Guardian and said, “I am proud to have been chosen to head the ticket for the Battler. This group has worked hard in the last four years and scored some great victories. It just shows what communities can achieve when they fight-back against big business and property developers”

Denis Doherty on the other hand is part of a historic shift in left politics in Sydney where the team of which he is the lead member is composed of Socialist Alliance members and other community members. The Housing Action Team has Ray Jackson from the Indigenous community, Raul Bassi an Argentinian migrant and now activist, Jay Fletcher journalist with the Greenleft and Andrew Chuter a maths teacher from Erskinville.

Denis Doherty is running for the City of Sydney.

Denis too, has been active in the community over many years and with the Port Jackson branch of the CPA and has attempted to either protect the community from the ravages of the developers or to foster community spirit through the local youth centre or community centre. Most recently he has been involved in protecting the Glebe estate from destruction both by Labor and Liberal state governments.

Both of these comrades deserve your support in the coming period up to the September 8 local government elections. We ask all our members and supporters to get in touch with either candidate and offer support both financial and physical. We need people to leaflet and people to staff the booths.

Contacts for the candidates:

Tony Oldfield admin@battler.org.au

Denis Doherty cpa@cpa.org.au  

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