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Issue #1551      13 June 2012

Activists walk straight into Faslane base

Two anti-Trident activists walked through the north gate of Faslane submarine base last week triggering a lock-down of the facility as part of the Faslane Peace Camp’s call for 30 Days of Action.

Mary Millington and Barbara Dowling, both in their sixties, entered through the open main gate of the Scottish base and were apprehended by guards.

The alarm was triggered, resulting in the base being locked down.

Campaign group Trident Ploughshares said the disruption was the first in a series of actions to mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of the peace camp.

Speaking after their protest Ms Millington said: “The dismantling of these weapons is long overdue. They are immoral and we have a duty to do whatever we can to disrupt the working of this base until Trident is scrapped.”

Ms Dowling added: “The majority of people in Scotland are ashamed and embarrassed that we have to host these expensive and illegal Cold War relics.

“Instead of gearing up for the next generation of nuclear weapons the government should heed the call for disarmament.”

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