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Issue #1551      13 June 2012

Putin wants Russia and China to join forces

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in China on June 5 for a two-day official visit to sign more than a dozen of various bilateral documents during his meetings with Chinese officials. On June 6-7, he took part in the Beijing summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, RIA Novosti reports.

During his visit to China, Putin coordinated the positions of the two countries on Syria and Iran. As for the SCO, the sides discussed the questions related to the penetration of Central Asia by extremists.

Putin made the trip to China against the background of the surging crisis on the financial markets and the increasing pressure that the West has been putting on Russia and China in terms of the Syrian and Iranian problems. To crown it all, the withdrawal of NATO’s troops from Afghanistan may put the national security of the two countries at risk. The discussion of the most serious problems of international politics will have shown to what extent Russia and China are close to each other.

The two powers do not accept the policies of the West, the main goal of which is to change “non-democratic” regimes. China and Russia share similar views on Syria and Iran. The same can be said about the role of the United Nations in international affairs. Moscow and Beijing stand against the interventions in Arab countries bypassing the UN.

However, Russia promotes integration via the Eurasian alliance, the Collective Security Treaty Organisation.

China’s People’s Daily newspaper published Putin’s article prior to his visit to the Celestial Empire. During his presidential campaign, Putin presented his program in the form of seven lengthy articles in the press.

The article published in the Chinese newspaper says that the commodity circulation between Russia and China in 2011 set a record level  – US$83.5 billion. By 2015, Russia and China plan to reach US$100 billion, and US$200 billion by 2020, Putin wrote.

Even though Russian-Chinese trade has reached a record level, Russia is not happy with the structure of it. For China, Russia has become a supplier of raw materials and metals. In return, Russia imports technological products from China. It would not be correct to blame China for that, though. Chinese investors are concerned about the unfavourable climate for foreign entrepreneurs in Russia.

China needs more natural gas. Nevertheless, the agreement about the pipeline transportation of gas, which was achieved last year, has not materialised. Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that the two countries still differ on prices.

Putin did not leave this issue out of his article. He reminded readers of the launch of the Russian-Chinese oil pipeline, which already transported 15 million tonnes of oil last year. He also recalled of the long-term contract (25 years) for the shipment of Russia’s electric power to China.

It is worthy of note that the role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation has been growing in the world over recent years. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be taking part in a conference of the organisation. Putin intends to hold a separate meeting with him. Putin will also have a meeting with Afghan President Khamid Karzai.


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