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Issue #1551      13 June 2012

Communist Party flourishing

Contrary to an article on May 31 in The Australian, the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) is alive and working for the interests of all those members of our community hit so hard by corporate globalisation and the capitalist crisis.

Joe Kelly writing in The Australian confuses – accidentally or deliberately – the CPA with the Communists. The Communists (originally called the Communist Alliance) was an electoral alliance of which the CPA was one part, together with migrant Communist parties and progressive individuals from around Australia.

The Communist Party of Australia supported the Communist Alliance (CA) because it united a range of left political forces to fight for real change.

The Communist Alliance was registered as a party on March 16, 2009. A legal challenge from the Community Alliance, a conservative group in Canberra, forced the CA to change its name to the Communists. This group did not manage to meet the requirement that it update its membership list in time and was recently deregistered by the Australian Electoral Commission.

A media release at the time of the CA’s 2009 launch stated:

We oppose both major parties because of their welfare for the rich approach and their ties to big business interests.

But we have a longer term vision for Australia too.

The global economic crisis has shown the people of the world and Australia that capitalism has failed.

We need radical change to protect our communities and create a world of peace and sustainable development. Ultimately we need socialism – a new system where people’s rights are paramount and the people decide their own future.

While the Communists has been deregistered, CPA members will continue to stand in some elections. CPA members will be involved in the NSW local government elections this September, for example.

The existing system, in which government is alternately shared between the Liberal-National Coalition and the Australian Labor Party, obscures and protects the dictatorship of capital over our economic and political life.

The two-party system, which has dominated Australia’s political life for more than 100 years, does not allow for significant streams of political thinking in Australia to be represented in Parliament, particularly in the important lower houses of our parliaments.

The CPA campaigns for the repeal of the present Electoral Act and its replacement by a more democratic method of election. We call for a compulsory, proportional-preferential voting system which gives the people a wider choice of candidates through multi-member electorates and a choice of local members to whom they can take their concerns.

The Communist Party of Australia continues to exist and work. We work for a society in which publicly owned enterprises play the major role in the economy, which encourages the participation of people in democratic decision making and management, a society where Indigenous Australians, women, and migrants are treated equally and with dignity. We work for a society where the environment is protected.

The CPA advances an alternative political agenda before the people that puts the people’s needs and interests first. In our vision of an alternative, the people’s voice and participation are paramount. The purpose of our economy must be to fulfill people’s needs, not to produce ever-increasing wealth for private corporations and the super-rich.  

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