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Issue #1539      14 March 2012

Industrial action to cease

ANF statement

Members would be aware that the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF), the Baillieu government and the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association issued the joint statement below:

“The employers and the Australian Nursing Federation have come to an arrangement involving a fresh process for finalising an outcome with assistance from FWA expeditiously.

“Accordingly to enable this arrangement to proceed to a conclusion the ANF will ensure all industrial action ceases immediately.

On this basis the employers and the ANF will jointly seek to hold all legal action and options in abeyance.

“The employers and the ANF have committed to resolve all outstanding issues by 16 March.”

This is a very big first step towards a resolution (of nurse-patient ratios and wages). The ANF is confident that constructive negotiations with the assistance of Fair Work Australia will result in a new enterprise agreement to take to members at the end of this process.

All industrial action should cease in all workplaces, including all standalone community health centres, Queen Elizabeth Centre, Tweddle Child & Family Health Service, Lyndoch, Jacaranda Village, Darlingford, Indigo North and Ballarat District Nursing & Health Care.

Members who have been taking protected industrial action in public sector mental health workplaces which had successful ballots are encouraged to continue taking this action as part of your enterprise bargaining campaign.

The ANF encourages members to continue wearing their red campaign T-shirts proudly until there is a final resolution.

Federal Court

By agreement of the parties, and with the approval of the Court, the Federal Court proceedings have now been adjourned until Friday March 23, 2012.

Nurses and Midwives Hardship Fund

Many nurses and midwives have now had their pay docked for participating in the stoppages. If your pay has been docked as a result of taking industrial action and you are experiencing financial hardship you can apply for assistance from the Victorian Nurses and Midwives Hardship and Welfare Fund. ANF will be trying to ensure that the payment is made into your nominated bank account within two business days. Please note that the ANF office will not be open over the Labour Day weekend.

There are two ways to apply for assistance from the hardship fund. All applications require a copy of your payslip. If your payslip does not identify the hours you have been docked a timesheet or roster to verify the docking may also be required.

The ANF advises that the Nurses and Midwives Hardship Fund has received, and is continuing to receive, many donations from members of the Victorian community who respect the work nurses and midwives do, and respect the commitment and sacrifice members have made to ensure Victoria retains a high quality public health system.

For more info anf.org.au  

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