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Issue #1538      7 March 2012

For social progress, peace and socialism

Contribution of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)

The PCPE has always believed that the advancement of the coordination of the international revolutionary movement is an essential element of our own political project. That is why it is so important for us to take part in this 13th International Meeting. We consider that the title of this year’s meeting is very well chosen, for surely Socialism is the future, the only future that can ensure the dignity of the whole working class and popular sectors in the world.

We also believe it is critical that we achieve some agreements and concrete advances in this 13th Meeting, since the situation we face is really serious.

Twenty years have passed since the triumph of the counterrevolution in the USSR and the European socialist bloc and we are witnessing today that the capitalist system, which then was thought invincible, is undergoing a brutal crisis as a result of its internal dynamics and its own laws of development. The general crisis of capitalism did not disappear with the disappearance of the socialist bloc, but has worsened and seriously threatens the very survival of humanity.

The parties here who come from the member countries of the European Union, we face a challenge of great importance: the illusion created for years in the working people of our countries, based on a capitalism with a human face hypocritically called “welfare state” is crumbling under the pressure exerted by the capitalists in order to try to keep the profit rate up.

This “welfare state” which based itself on the role of the social-democratic organisations to convince the working class that it was not necessary to seize power, which served as a brake on the revolutionary aspirations after the victory against Nazi-fascism, was never a negation of the capitalist model, never left the criteria for capitalist development and accumulation, never meant anything but a refined form of the dictatorship of capital.

Today, when the capitalist crisis spurs the capitalists and makes them aware that the self-limitations agreed with the social-democrats are not useful to resume the cycle of extended reproduction of capital, they advance rapidly towards a more violent model, which even questions the mechanism of formal bourgeois democracy.

The question we should ask is what is the task of the Communists in this situation? Are we to lead the fight to recover an obsolete model like the welfare state, without questioning the very foundations of capitalism and telling the working class and popular sectors that what we propose is a better management under capitalism?

Or rather are we going to lead the fight for the overthrow of dying capitalism, telling the working class and popular sectors that they cannot have a decent life under capitalism, since it is capitalism itself, as a system, that has caused the crisis and the impoverishment of large masses of workers and that it will continue to do so while ever its exists?

That is, the question we ask is: do we want to manage the dictatorship of capital or do we want to exercise the dictatorship of the proletariat?

The answer we give to this question depends on our credibility as revolutionary organisations with the masses, not only in our countries but around the world. It is therefore not a subject that has to be discussed only in different regional frames of struggle, but it is a debate that affects the whole International Communist Movement because the strategy of the communist and workers’ parties must be coordinated.

It must be consensual, but it mainly has to be revolutionary and can never lose sight of the historical task of the working class, which is none other than the construction of Socialism-Communism. Those of us who characterise the present time as the transition from capitalism to socialism do not have any doubts about this our task.

This is the platform from which we should note and remember these important issues. The parties and organisations present here are communists. As communist parties, we represent and organise a specific sector which is the majority of society, the working class, and we have to seek alliances with other social sectors. But we must never lose sight of the class nature of society and the state.

We must never lose sight of that reality, or attempt to camouflage it by resorting to old ideological positions that have damaged so much our movement and the international working class.

Comrades, our struggle is a political struggle, but it is also an ideological struggle. The situations of relative weakness that we suffer when capitalism attacks us in all areas cannot make us doubt the essential elements that make up the party of the revolution, and our goals as Communists.

Latin America, which for many years has been suffering from the looting and pillaging by the imperialist powers of the European Union and the US, is now in a situation quite different from Europe. The popular processes advance and the communist parties strengthen, but there is a strong ideological confusion induced by groups that do not want the working class to seize power, that the processes advance as much as possible to put an end to the main contradiction, which remains to be between capital and labour.

From a humble position and supporting the processes of liberation in America, we ask the fraternal parties here present and the others who are absent to increase the ideological battle in order to maintain their independent profile in these processes so that when the contradictions explode, the working class and its communist party in front, can take the final step towards the seizure of power.

The imperialist system is the enemy of all peoples. The imperialist system is not only represented by the US, but also by other structures such as the EU, NATO, the World Bank or International Monetary Fund. Our struggle is not against imperialism in the abstract, but against its mechanisms and tools.

The case of Libya or the current events in Syria are showing that some communist organisations consistently fail to analyse the nature and modus operandi of the imperialist powers. There are times when an intermediate position cannot be adopted, since this intermediate position does not demonstrate the autonomy of the working class party, but on the contrary, shows the fear of openly contradicting the dominant ideological position, which is none other than the position of the ruling class.

The war is part and parcel of the strategy of domination of imperialism. The struggle against imperialist war requires the coordinated mass action of all the International Communist Movement.

Comrades, we have before us a historical opportunity to take advantage of the structural crisis of capitalism in order to show the working class and broad sectors of society the historical limits of capitalism. It is a task of great responsibility and great importance, which requires us to be as coordinated as possible, but also to be more ideologically united on the basis of Marxism-Leninism. The PCPE is willing to take the necessary steps to advance to that unity.

It is a priority to develop coordinated global or regional actions by the International Communist Movement, and the sooner we move in that direction the better. Coordinated actions against the imperialist war, for the abandoning of the EU, against the attacks on the working class by the bourgeoisie governments that approve one labour reform after another. All these actions have to be answered under the leadership of the Communists towards the socialist revolution.

Let us start creating the organisational structures which will enable this intervention in the immediate reality of the development of international class struggle.  

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