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Issue #1490      23 February 2011

NSW Election: What is to be done?

NSW will go to the polls on Saturday March 26 and the crushing defeat of Labor by the Liberals is widely expected.

The NSW Labor government is likely to be massively defeated because the people have been alienated by more than a decade of privatisation, over-development, and other policies supporting business instead of community interests.

The result of right wing Labor policies will be the victory of even more right wing Liberal policies from an O’Farrell government. This will mean more suffering for working people, including cuts to social services, undermining public housing, public health and public education, and much more.

What should the CPA do?

Given this discouraging prospect, the CPA has two main tasks in this election.

Firstly, to work to help get as many left and progressive candidates as possible elected in order to build a force in Parliament that can help defend working people from the Liberal attacks after the election.

We need to work so that ALP voters disillusioned by the Labor governments in NSW do not switch their votes to the Liberals but instead go to the Greens and other left and progressive candidates, including left ALP and Socialist Alliance candidates.

Secondly, Party organisations must prepare and distribute election material presenting our working class alternative. We do not want a ‘one size fits all’ leaflet for the whole State. We must focus on local matters in specific elections, the real issues that affect working people on the ground.

What the CPA will do?

The CPA has decided that its members should work for the Greens, to help maximise their vote and increase the possibility of Greens being elected to the NSW Parliament.

In the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) CPA members will vote first for the Greens and then for best left and progressive candidates in their electorate.

In the Legislative Council (Upper House), CPA members will vote first for the Greens, second for Andrew Ferguson (number 6 on the ALP ticket), and then for Socialist Alliance candidates.

This means that comrades will have to vote below the line and vote for at least 15 candidates.

When all the candidates are known, The Guardian will publish a more detailed how to vote for comrades to use on 26 March.  

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