The Guardian

Issue No: 1347 . 28 November, 2007

  • Editorial: Who will Rudd really govern for?
  • Historic victory for the labour movement
  • Brough’s loss is Aboriginal people’s win
  • Workers who protect us
  • Glebe Street Fair
  • NSW laws strip away more human rights
  • Pesticide in Tassie rivers
  • 10,000 teachers attend stop-work rally
  • Tristar workers get redundancy pay
  • Court rules in favour of sacked workers
  • Window closing on climate change opportunity
  • AWAs under scrutiny in Western Australia
  • Coup d’état rumblings in Venezuela
  • A generalised meltdown
  • Washington stirs a witch’s brew in Pakistan
  • The dollar empire continues to slide
  • Victory for US war refuser
  • Another stage in Israel’s occupation
  • Culture and Life: Two tales of one city

    Articles in PDF format:
  • Report from Slovenia
  • China helps South Pacific island
  • UN ends anti-Cuban Human Rights mandate
  • Book review: Back at the Coalface
  • DVD review: Lockout
  • TV programs worth watching
  • Letters to the Editor