The Guardian

Issue No: 1343 . 31 October, 2007

  • Editorial: Howard Out!
  • Vote out failed policies
  • Strong support for Melbourne solidarity forum
  • The advertising campaign you won’t be seeing
  • Major parties feel heat over Tasmanian mill
  • Pressure for zero tolerance for GM food
  • Tasmanian nurses stand firm
  • Telstra tries to pull a fast one
  • Schools fundraising for basic resources
  • Report slams Howard’s NT intervention
  • Asylum seekers 12 months of detention
  • Human-induced "development" disasters
  • Cuba responds to Bush
  • More outrage in Iraq
  • Putin strongly warns against war
  • Bush-Cheney vs the Armenian genocide
  • Culture and Life: The October Revolution

    Articles in PDF format:
  • New EU Treaty is bad news
  • Russia opposes US bases in Africa
  • Venezuela-Cuba deepen ties
  • US marines and alleged rape
  • TV programs worth watching
  • Global briefs
  • Dingo bytes
  • Letters to the Editor