The Guardian

Issue No: 1339 . 3 October, 2007

  • Editorial: Protest Yes! Interference No!
  • McArthur Express workers demand answers
  • WorkChoices lies and exploitation
  • Australia’s secret deportations
  • Major parties fall short on legal aid
  • Privatising TAFE
  • Health groups applaud smoke-free NZ
  • Sandvik struggle reaps million-dollar win
  • Last ship to work the Hungry Mile
  • Rally slams unfair work laws
  • Paid maternity leave a key issue
  • Japanese elections
  • Afghan left reconvenes
  • 40th anniversary of Ché's death
  • Culture and Life: Scientific funding

    Articles in PDF format:
  • Diversity in university courses
  • UN must take action on Burma
  • Controversy on Iran as UN Assembly opens
  • No justice for Jena Six
  • TV Programs worth watching
  • Dingo bytes
  • Global briefs
  • Asia roundup
  • Letters to the Editor